The brothers be united: Gonzalo Higuaín will receive Federico, new reinforcement of Inter Miami

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In the United States, the forward and midfielder will share a team for the first time as professionals. The Miami team beat the Houston Dynamo and continues to climb in MLS.

At the age of 32, Gonzalo Higuaín left Juventus to move to a quieter league that continues to grow and little by little it ceases to be a place of mere retirement to raise the level with players who arrive in better conditions: the United States MLS United. And now the Pipita he will also give himself a great pleasure: playing with his brother Federico (35), brand new addition to Inter Miami FC.

For the midfielder, it is a known terroir, not because of the club itself – owned by former English footballer David Beckham – but because he has played in the American league for almost a decade: he landed in 2012 with the Columbus Crew.

He became a symbol of the team, which he represented for seven seasons after taking short steps for River, Nueva Chicago, Besiktas (Turkey), América (Mexico), Independiente, Godoy Cruz and Colón.

Now he had gone to DC United in Washington DC, but the possibility of sharing the pitch with Pipita arose and he did not want to miss it. Inter Miami will put a small sum of money to keep the Argentine’s pass, since the MLS, like the rest of the leagues in the United States, does not work in terms of transfers like the common one on the planet.

Although both made the inferiors in River, they did not share the grass at the same time in the First Division. Federico left the club after playing just minuscule minutes in the 2004/05 season, the year Gonzalo just made his first weapons with the main squad.

He Pipita He comes from breaking the small bad streak with which he had started his way in the United States league and scored his first goal after almost three games. It was in the 80th minute of the duel between Inter Miami and New York Red Bulls.

The forward generated a foul and took charge of the free kick and, more like Riquelme than Higuaín, he took a great right that dug into the corner of the far post.

In this way, with that goal from the forward, Inter Miami achieved the first victory since the former Juventus arrived at the franchise. Higuaín had had a difficult debut, with a missed penalty, the mockery of several rivals and the public support of his coach, Diego Alonso.

And this Saturday came the second victory against the Houston Dynamo, in Miami, by 1 to 0, with the penalty goal executed by Lewis Morgan at 57 minutes. This time he did not want to kick the Pipita, like the previous one that sent him to the “clouds”... The particularity is that this meeting between Inter Miami and Houston Dynamo was played just 31 minutes after the referee decided suspend it momentarily due to a thunderstorm. Finally, the match resumed and the now team of the “Higuain brothers” took a more than comforting victory.

Now Inter Miami will have the two Higuain on the court and the brothers will have joined, as mandated by the Martín Fierro law.



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