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The new edition of the cult series “Verbotene Liebe” has an official start date. “Next Generation” can be seen from November.

The fans of the former cult series “Verbotene Liebe” (1995-2015, the first) should mark this date in red in their calendar: The new edition of the evening-before-night format, “Verbotene Liebe – Next Generation”, is from November 23, 2020 on TVNow to see. The media group RTL announced on Thursday (October 15). The 45-minute episodes are then published on a weekly basis.

This is the new cast

In the past few months, the new cast have been announced. In addition to actor Heinz Hoenig (69, “The King of St. Pauli”), Sina Zadra (born 1990, “Dr. Kleist family”), Frederik Götz (32, “Tonio & Julia”), Livia Matthes (30, “The Bull and the Beast”), Lennart Betzgen (24, “Magda will do it”), Anuschka daughter man (26, “Spring”), Asli Melisa Uzun (25, “Miss Turkey 2015”), Martin Walde (33, “Lindenstrasse”) and Stephanie Japp (48, “Bad Banks”).

These original characters are making a comeback

It is also already known that the fans can look forward to some comebacks: Carla von Lahnstein (Claudia Hiersche, 43) is returning as an event organizer. Ansgar von Lahnstein (Wolfram Grandezka, 50) is released from prison after five years. Charlie Schneider (Gabriele Metzger, 61) is still in charge of “Schneiders”. Her nephew, Oliver Sabel (Jo Weil, 43), is still enjoying success as a model. And the dreaded Countess Clarissa von Anstetten (Isa Jank, 68) will have “a special appearance”.

That’s the story

Robert and Eva Verhoven (Hoenig and Japp) and their three children Alexander, Livia and Paul (Götz, Matthes, Betzgen) now live at Königsbrunn Palace. Together with Clarissa von Anstetten, they are celebrating successes with their fashion empire, even if the fashion-loving offspring want to take a different approach to fashion than their father. The Lahnstein-Holding is broken, Ansgar von Lahnstein is in prison and there is no trace of Tanja von Lahnstein (Miriam Lahnstein, 46).

Shortly before the lavish Verhovens anniversary party, the gates to freedom open for Ansgar. His goal: He wants his power and the family castle back. At the same time, Alexander and the beautiful fashion management student Josefin Reinhard (Zadra) meet: one look and the air burns. Completely confused by the encounter, Josefin rushes to her little daughter Ava, while Alexander suddenly sees his friend Bobbi (Uzun) with completely different eyes …


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