Lincolnshire Zoo donated five African Gray Parrots. They were visible to the public and clearly enjoyed interacting with people.

But then the sound on the clock changed.

– It got out of hand completely. They all swear all the time. I am called läskip * rse every time I pass by, says the zoo’s CEO Steve Nichols CNNto.

– We’re worried about the kids.

Vocabulary expanded

The birds had been obtained from five different donors and when they were stitched together, they initially began cursing each other.

– ‘Ski vi *****’ (fuck off) is the most common, it is easy for them to learn. But their beak will be anything you can imagine, Nichols says.

Apparently the birds had learned their vocabulary from previous owners, as many might find it amusing to hear the birds talking about lewdness.

Even most of the zoo visitors were entertained to listen to the cursing birds.

– The visitors gave the parrots the same measure, says Nichols. That only expanded the vocabulary of fast-learning birds.

Human reactions incite parrots

According to Nichols, human reactions confirmed the use of parrots. If people laughed or looked horrified, the birds would only get water from their mill.

Parrots are now housed indoors in other flocks, out of the public eye. There are a total of 250 other parrots in the flocks.

– I hope they learn new words. But if they teach other birds ugly language and we have 250 cursing parrots, I don’t know what we’re doing, says Nichols BBCto.