British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce on Wednesday a large-scale and long-term economic transformation package drawn up by the government under the title “Green Industrial Revolution”. The main points of this were announced at the London Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday morning.

As early as mid-2017, London announced that only electric and hybrid cars and vans could be placed on the UK from 2040 under a decades-long environmental program.

However, the British government said it wanted to stop selling new petrol and diesel cars and vans a decade earlier, in 2030, and its hybrid-powered ones from 2035, according to Wednesday’s report in Downing Street. The government’s announced goal is for the UK economy to become a net neutral carbon emitter by 2050.

Key elements of the program include the goal of providing offshore wind energy to all UK households by 2030. To this end, the energy production of such power plants must be raised to 40 gigawatts within four years, four times the current level.

Britain is also aiming for world leadership in developing technologies for extracting and storing pollutants from the atmosphere, based on a government package announced on Wednesday. The goal is for these technologies to remove ten million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030.