TikTokissa shared niksi has received praise on online discussion boards. A mother of several sons who only says her first name Cathy, nervous that his sons did not lift the pee while walking up the toilet seat.

Sometimes it was a little splashed, and the mother had pointed out to the boys that the seat had to be raised before doing business. When her mother’s teachings didn’t seem to be effective, Cathy decided to become an undercover detective.

He put the 20 pound note inside a small plastic bag and affixed it under the seat.

If the seat was raised, the banknote could not be missed.

On the online columns, the gimmick sparked a lively discussion.

– Your money is as safe as in the bank, wrote one commentator.

– A hidden treasure will never be found, wrote another.

A few days later, Cathy wrote an update: her eldest son had found the banknote. According to the mother, the boy used the money to buy add-ons for the Fortnite video game.

– You are an excellent mother, comments one.

– Now the seat will rise every time, another commentator thought.