F1 is an expensive flattery, everyone knows it. The biggest money hole is development work that never ends.

No matter how wild the amount you make available to the stable, there is use for every penny.

– Something new is always invented. There is always a new idea in the head of the engineers after a well-slept night. It is then tested at the factory, Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehto describes.

Before all better?

Raw generalization: Before, development work was cheaper and progress was greater. Today, money is back, but the steppes are marginal.

The advantage is even a small advantage, Järvilehto reminds. It is worth putting money into development work, even then for a thousandth of a profit.

But has it already gone too far? As more and more F1 stables falter in financial difficulties, should the sport ease the demand for what stables get and are not allowed to plan?

According to Järvilhto, yes.

– It seems that things have gotten a little out of hand. With regard to cars, clear steps should be taken backwards. But the engineers are so smart guys that they always come up with something, Järvilehto laughs.

Where does the money really go? Why does the car have to be developed at all, why not make it ready at once? In addition to standardization, would there be a special “data bank” solution to curb costs?

These things are discussed in more detail in the F1 studio video above.