It will have lovers and a few detractors, and we dare to say “few” because in the world of motorsports, BMW has always flooded the market with truly attractive models. This is precisely the case of the 4 Series, the Coupé variant of the 3 Series, which with its two-door body captivates locals and strangers.

The new generation is already on sale, and it does so by growing in all its dimensions: it is almost 13 cm longer than the previous version, about 3 cm wider, the wheelbase grows by 4 cm and the height only increases by 6 mm, but in any case It is 5.7 cm closer to the ground compared to the Series 3, a model with which it marks more and more differences.

The design is obviously one of its great attractions. On the front stand out the traditional “kidneys”, now flatter and larger, the LED optics (with laser technology as an option) and that pure coupe profile that makes it so sporty and elegant at the same time. By the way the grill is “active”, that is, it opens when the engine needs cooling and closes to improve aerodynamics when it is not. The profile also highlights the rims, ranging from 17 to 19 inches, and the rear is characterized by the elongated and horizontal optics, the diffuser and the exhaust outlets.

The interior has an exquisite design, how could it be otherwise, with fluid and clean lines. Despite digitization, with the instrument cluster and the central display of the infotainment system at the helm, BMW maintains quite a few buttons and physical controls, but there is far from saturation.

At the moment, with three gasoline engines and one diesel

At launch, the range will feature three gasoline and one diesel versions. Among the first is the 420i with 184hp 4-cylinder powerplant whose starting price is 48.400 euros. On the next step is the 430i, also with 4 cylinders but already with 258 horses (52,500 euros) and on the highest step the M440i xDrive, with 6-cylinder engine, 374 horsepower, 48-volt light hybridization system (therefore with DGT’s “Eco” label), all-wheel drive and a price that rises up to 74.300 euros. In diesel access version 420d is available, with a 190 horsepower four-cylinder engine which is also supported by 48V Mild Hybrid system and that starts from the 49,350 euros. More powerful diesel versions will arrive in March next year, and The entire range features the advanced 8-speed automatic transmission as standard.

In the presentation to the press of Series 4 we made contact with the 420d version and we made a very varied route of approximately 200 km. Although the standard equipment of this BMW already has important elements in terms of equipment, the tested unit added the M Sport finish, that in addition to enhancing the image and dynamics, it also raises the starting price. By the way, if a customer wants more in this regard, they can turn to the new M Sport Pro package or the M Performance accessories.

Lover of curves

On the move, during our transit on the highway we enjoy the great comfort provided by this Series 4. The new Head-Up Display that projects information on the windshield has more information, larger, and it helps you never have to take your eyes off the road. Too the action of the 48 volt system is noticeable in flat areas, since it allows that there is not so much demand from the heat engine, and that influences consumption and emissions. By the way, in the case of this diesel, the Average approved fuel consumption is 4.5 liters per 100 km and the emissions of 118 grams per kilometer of CO2. But el sistema Mild Hybrid does not stop at that, since also helps the engine to accelerate and recover, and that makes the 190 horsepower very “alive” in all circumstances.

Countdown to the arrival of the BMW iX3, the electric SUV with premium seal

After the “peace” of the highway we entered a long area of ​​curves, and at this point we decided to select the sportiest driving mode available, called Individual. The course, very winding, forced the chassis to twist and work hard, maintaining spectacular stability at all times, with an engine and gearbox performing at a high level, either automatically or by using the steering wheel paddles. The steering, by the way, is very sensitive and direct, with an enormous sporty feel, and the brakes are brilliant for their effectiveness and forcefulness.

A great taste in the mouth, without a doubt, the one that the new Series 4 has left us, which also has a lot of technology related to safety and driving aids, including as standard elements such as the frontal collision warning with automatic braking, lane departure alert or traffic sign reader.