The BMW 4 Series Convertible returns with a hard canvas roof

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BMW has fitted a special fabric roof to its new mid-range convertible. Reinforced canvas panels are more stylish and lighter (-40%) than their predecessor’s hardtop, while the multi-layer design, perfectly fitting rear windshield and more robust construction promise better noise and thermal comfort. The roof is opened in 18 seconds by an electric motor at speeds of up to 50 km / h.

The rookie is much larger than his immediate predecessor: 128 mm longer, 27 wider; the wheelbase increased by 41 mm. The track gauge is increased at both the front and rear (+28/18 mm), the height is the same. Compared to the sister model coupe, on the other hand, only the height changed, by a single millimeter.

BMW 4 Convertible
(new generation)
BMW 4 coupe
(new generation)
BMW 4 Convertible
(previous generation)
Length (mm) 4768 4768 4640
Width (mm) 1852 1852 1825
Height (mm) 1384 1383 1384
Wheelbase (mm) 2851 2851 2810
Trunk (l) 385 440 300

The BMW 4 Convertible 3 returns with a hard canvas roof

In the absence of a roof, engineers had to stiffen the bodywork at other points. This task was entrusted to the sill panels and a solid aluminum profile was placed at the bottom of the nose section. The torsional rigidity of the new generation convertible model has thus been improved by 4% compared to the predecessor model.

As for the details, there the coupe led the convertible’s hand. The nose design is the same, the dashboard and driving environment are the same, and of course the engines are the same.

The BMW 4 Convertible 4 returns with a hard canvas roof

The BMW M440i xDrive Convertible, which leads the list, gets the same 48-volt mild hybrid technology as all diesels. The powerful starter / generator not only helps to regain braking energy, but also adds 11 extra horsepower to the internal combustion engine’s performance. The convertible model, available from March 2021, will initially offer a four-cylinder diesel and two four-cylinder gasoline engines; later, before the end of next year, the range will be expanded with two six-cylinder diesels.

The BMW 4 Convertible 5 returns with a hard canvas roof

M440i xDrive 420i 430i 420d 430d M440d xDrive
Power (kW / HP) 275 /374 135 /184 190 /258 140 /190 n.a. n.a.
Average consumption (l / 100 km), WLTP 7,4 – 6,9 6,1 – 5,7 6,4 – 6,0 4,5 – 4,2 5,6 (kb.) 6,3 (kb.)
CO2 emissions (g / km), WLTP 169 – 159 140 – 131 147 – 138 119 – 111 147 (kb.) 165 (kb.)
The BMW 4 Convertible 6 returns with a hard canvas roof

The BMW 4 Convertible 7 returns with a hard canvas roof

In addition to the neck warmer integrated in the head restraint, there are not many changes in the passenger compartment. In all cases, the standard equipment is the motorized leather seat, which is now available in an air-conditioned version. Optional windshield with closed roof, but no extra charge for three-zone air conditioner.

Three types of chassis are available, in addition to the standard version, there will be M Sport suspension and an adaptive M variant; the latter two are associated with a variable gear steering. The M Sport rear differential is fully lockable – this will be standard on the top two all-wheel drive models.

The BMW 4 Convertible 8 returns with a hard canvas roof

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