Real life hidden heroes as much or greater than the athletes who appear on television, as has happened with the toilets, but also with Pere Ribas, a blind young man from Olot who is very football fanatic and who, recently, met Messi and “hallucinated”, although I would have preferred the Betic Joaquín.

Ribas, that in fourth of ESO, loves football so much that years ago he approached the field of his city’s team, which plays in the Second Division B, was interested in the work of journalists who followed a game and ended up becoming a commentator.

Since then, he has been part of Radio Olot’s broadcasts and his mother, Antonia Graboleda, is the one who pronounces that “hallucinated” when he refers to the meeting with Leo Messi.

Graboleda tells EFE how they received a call to participate in an advertisement and that Pere was one of the twelve blind from all over the world selected.

The responsible company, Orcam, had produced a device that, installed in glasses, is capable of reading books and identify objects and individuals.

Messi He participates in the campaign in person and is the one who gives the protagonists of the advertisement that technological marvel so that they can recognize the Argentine star and pronounce his name as the one in front of him.

Pere’s mother explains excitedly that It seems incredible what science puts within reach of your child: “I never would have thought something like this would be possible.”

The key is the artificial intelligence applied to that device, called MyEye, which interprets everything around it and informs the user of what or who it is.

With this technology, a blind person can read from a book to the screen of a telephone, but also recognize Leo Messi if he is in front of him.

Joaquín, his favorite player

Pere Ribas was “very excited” to see who he considers “The best player in the world”, but not his favorite, because this neighbor of Olot is Betic to the core and if he had been given the choice he would have chosen “his Joaquín”, as Antonia Graboleda admits.

Against tastes there is no discussion and If something cannot be doubted, it is that Pere knows a lot about football, because they have been years of not missing a match for the local team and commenting on them on the radio.

The young man brings up that résumé in the ad, perhaps to pave the way for the sports journalist he wants to become, and dares to act as the narrator of a fictional encounter in which his Betis prevails over Messi’s Barcelona with a goal, of course, from Joaquín.

For now, the one who enjoys his talent is the fan of the UE Olot, a Second B club that The season will begin on October 18 with a visit to Cornellà, but that he will debut at home a week later against Barcelona, ​​although not that of Leo Messi, but his subsidiary.

The Betis thing is more complicated, although not so much, because The Verdiblancos have an appointment at the Camp Nou in November And there he will be with his veteran striker, an expert in uploading videos to the internet and who, perhaps, at that time it sounds like he has an admirer in Catalonia with a device that, if he had it in front of him, would tell Pere what he wants to hear so much: “Joaquin”.