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After the announcement of the new iPhone 12, numerous users of this product they put on sale (or plan to put on sale) their used models. A recent study of the Milanuncios platform, which operates in the second-hand market, has detected that the largest peaks in the supply of second-hand devices Apple they occur just when the new terminal is announced, although demand soars at Christmas and the first days of the month.

Supply peaks

Every year on the day of the announcement of the new iPhone, second-hand platforms experience increases in supply, although they are not the only periods of the year in which this phenomenon occurs. The trend of going to the second hand market increases every year. In the case of the iPhone XS, which was presented on September 12, 2018, publications increased by 21% compared to the annual daily average. If we look at the data obtained a year later, on the launch day of the iPhone 11 in 2019, ads increased by 55% compared to data obtained on average during the rest of the year.

In the case of iPhone 12 presented a few days ago, the same trend is followed, increasing by 18% with respect to the annual average. If we take into account the announcements published the day before their presentation, the increase that occurs on the same day of the event is 37% and 24 hours later is 94%.

In 2018 with the iPhone XS, ads increased by 21% during the week after presentation, compared to the weekly average. If we look at the data obtained by the iPhone 11 last year, the figure increases to 40%.

The day the devices are finally put on sale also represent a strong sales peak. In the case of the iPhone 11, for example, another peak of ads was registered, specifically 73% more than the average for the year. The week after de Reyes is another of the times in which more iPhones are put on sale, up to 45% more than the average for the year.

Best time to sell

The first day of the month is when the greatest demand for second-hand iPhones occurs with an average of 3,313 searches, which represents 92.28% compared to the daily average of 1,723.

Regarding the month of the year with the highest demand for iPhones, January is the one with the most demand of this device with more than 2,200 searches on average, 28% more than the annual daily average.

Used iPhone value

The average price of a second-hand iPhone is 389 euros and this entire market moves more than 32 million euros a year in Spain.

According to the available history, on September 1, 2018, 11 days after the presentation of the iPhone XS, the average price was about 350 euros. Since the presentation, that amount has increased until reaching 476 euros 48 hours after launch and 489 euros, one day after it was put on sale.

In the case of the launch of the iPhone 11, the average price of the devices for sale on September 1 was 336 euros and it was increasing until the day of the presentation, which reached 459 euros (24 hours before the price was 469 euros). After the presentation of the iPhone 12 presented a few days ago, the average price of old devices for sale was around, the week before, the 412 euros, reaching the day of the presentation 433 euros and 455 euros, 24 hours later.



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