Ilves’ Czech goalkeeper Lukas Dostal continued after the crown break from where it left off last season: convincingly and gesturing.

He paved the way for Ilves’ victory over SaiPa 2–1 on Friday in Tampere with his brilliant fights.

-Last season I already knew I had to be stronger. During the long break, I paid special attention to physics training. I’m really grateful for the lynx that I had to be in Tampere summer. We trained on the ice a lot as a goalkeeper coach MarkusBearKorhosen with, Dostal said.

Dostal is an Anaheim contract player with a loan agreement in Ilves for the time being.

“If the NHL training camp starts in mid-November, I’ll probably go there,” Dostal said.

If you don’t get a seat in the NHL, would you rather play in Ilves or AHL?

– I like it here very well, but I’m Anaheim contract player. The NHL club decides. No one can yet say whether to play the NHL or the AHL this season, Dostal replied.

Dostal stopped 27 discs in Friday’s league opening.

-Tosi a good game, I’m happy to win and the outcome. A big thank you to our fans, they were once again a great encouragement.

The Czech Republic was selected as the best goalkeeper in the league and in the league’s star field last season.

-It was a big honor, of course, I remember the accolades my whole life. But now is a new season, and the achievements of last season mean nothing.