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Samuel Paty was beheaded having taught a cartoon of Muhammad in one of his classes.

The two men arrested, the father of a student and another man who was already being investigated by the intelligence services, confessed that they used social networks to make a campaign against the teacher, as reported Reuters.

It all started on October 7 when the father of a student posted a video expressing his anger on Facebook after being punished for expressing her disagreement when the teacher showed a cartoon of Mohammad From this very moment, the school began to receive threats, as prosecutors have recognized.

The father went to the principal to complain and requested that fire the teacher after what happened. That same night, he posted another video on Facebook, offering the teacher’s personal data and identifying the school.

The director decided organize a reunion for those parents who disagreed with the contents of the subject that their children were receiving. The father of the student in question did not attend, prosecutors have confirmed.

“It went well. My wife participated. She said it was a man who made a mistake, it happens to everyone. No need to look for all that agitation on social media, “said Nordine Chaouadi, father of a student in the class.

After this meeting, they believed that they had managed to calm the waters, but nevertheless it was not so.

On October 12, another video was published on YouTube where the student offered statements about what happened. In it, a man who does not appear on camera but who would later be recognized by the intelligence services, threatens to hold a demonstration if the professor is not fired, and declared that Emmanuel Macron was inciting hatred towards Muslims.

“The father of the student has a sister who in 2014 joined Islamic State in Syria“confessed Jean-Francois Ricard, the antiterrorist prosecutor.

Both the father of the student and the man who makes the statements in the YouTube video, They were arrested by the police after the murder.



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