The Beatles return to the cinema armed and as a family: Ethan Hawke and his daughter Maya will be the protagonists of the film Revolver

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Both had already worked together recently on the television series The Good Lord Bird, in which the actor debuted as a producer.

At this point, it would be necessary to admit that if there is something The Beatles they don’t do it is “come back” from somewhere, because since that April 1970 in which they separated, the band and its members never stopped generating news. Like the one that now anticipates that the Liverpool quartet will be the excuse to unite on the big screen Ethan Hawke with your daughter Maya, both as protagonists of the comedy Revolver.

Magazine Variety He assured last Friday that the Hawkes will lead the cast of this movie that he is preparing Andrew Stanton, the filmmaker behind WALL E (2008) and also co-director, along with Lee Unkrich, of another Pixar jewel as it was Finding Nemo (2003).

Using as title one of the fundamental albums of the four of Liverpool, Revolver will revolve around a young woman named Jane who lives in the US state of Alaska, at the northern tip of the American continent.

It turns out that the life of the teenager, an absolute fan of the band, something like a missing link in the beatlemania, will take a brutal and unexpected turn when his beloved group must land in Alaska due to a problem on their flight to Japan. This unexpected decision by the airline will lead Jane to come up with a plan worthy of surrealism: lose her virginity neither more nor less than with George Harrison.

Kate Trefry, who worked on the superset Stranger Things, will be the scriptwriter of this production.

Revolver will follow recent movies line which were also inspired by The Beatles, such as the musical Across the Universe (2007) or the most recent and nice Yesterday (2019).

Ethan Hawke’s daughter next to the tarantinesca Uma Thurman, Maya Hawke was one of the revelations of the third season of Stranger Things and also participated in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) of, precisely, Quentin Tarantino.

This will not be the first collaboration between Maya Hawke and her father: the young woman recently appeared on the celebrated television series The Good Lord Bird, with which Ethan debuted in the role of producer. Also, Hawke Sr. in April directed a video clip home, due to confinement by the pandemic, of his daughter’s song Coverage.

Maya, 22, just like her mother, recently said in an interview that “your learning disabilities they were one of the great blessings of her life. “” I was kicked out of school for not knowing how to read when I was a child, “she said.”I went to a special school for kids with learning disabilities and it took me a long time to learn to read … I still have many limitations“he added.

“It was profoundly slow. Every grade I passed, I was moved to a lower reading group and other children found out. There was bullying, but my parents did a great job encouraging me to be more creative. “Your problem: dyslexia.

That difficulty led her to quickly bond with the domain of fiction. Besides having grown up in an environment of actors, “the fact of having had a limitation in terms of my ability to produce and assimilate stories, made me learn to love them, understand them and grow with them, and in them “.

Nominated four times for Oscar, Ethan is one of the coolest actors of his generation and, in addition to Revolver, has other respectable projects on the horizon such as The Northman, the new film of the always singular Robert Eggers (The Witch, 2015), where he will share scenes with a cast of florida marquee integrated, among others, by Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe.



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