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The US will sue Google for abusing its position against the competition

The government is expected to allege that the company violated the law because of its treatment of rivals The United States Department of Justice...

Man who killed French teacher texted pupil’s angry parent in advance

The eighteen-year-old man who killed French teacher Samuel Paty last week is said to have texted a parent of one of the students prior...

Florida is already voting, it may be up to this state to win

Says Brian Fonseca. However, according to the director of the Institute of Public Policy at the International University of Florida, competition in the...

Elections in the US: Donald Trump has the campaign he wants, but does it work for him?

As his advisers implore him to focus on the economy and his chances of recovery, the president prefers to attack his rival.In public, President...

Such is the most tightly guarded prison in Denmark, from which Peter Madsen escaped – confirmed for Steen Christensen, sentenced in Finland

Swedish journalist Kim Wallin murdered Peter Madsen tried to escape Herstedvester prison in Denmark on Tuesday. Admittedly, Madsen could only get about 500...

Amazon Prime Day will take place a little later than usual in 2020. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, Amazon Prime customers can look forward to great offers.

On the Amazon Prime Day Amazon Prime customers and those who want to become one are especially happy every year. Because then for 48 hours – and therefore two days to be precise – great deals and cheap offers beckon. For many Prime customers, it is THE shopping event of the year.

Amazon Prime Day 2020: The best deals

Instead of the usual summer, Amazon Prime Day 2020 will take place on October 13th (from midnight) and October 14th (until 11:59 pm) instead of. You will then find all the bargains at GALA. But what can you expect? We’ll tell you right now.

The offers will be as diverse as you are used to from Amazon’s product range. Special Prime Day offers are lined up alongside lightning deals and new releases. One thing is certain: no shopping wish remains unfulfilled on this day.

You don’t have an Amazon Prime membership yet? Then here Take out a quick one and test the first 30 days free of charge. Then nothing stands in the way of your shopping experience on Amazon Prime Day.

Fridge-freezer combination

From the space miracle is with this one Fridge-freezer combination the speech. And best of all: With the so-called hyperFresh drawers, meat, sausage products, fish, fruit and vegetables stay fresh up to twice longer.

Refrigerator API

Jamie Oliver pan

Popular, special and amazing price: the Jamie Oliver pan has the world’s first temperature indicator integrated into the pan! So you can do everything in a nutshell! Jamie Oliver Pan API

Kindle Paperwhite

Love reading magazines, comics and audiobooks on your Kindle? With this Kindle Paperwhite Now you can save a lot of money as a Prime member. Kindle Whitepaper Amazon API

Fire TV Stick

Of the Fire TV Stick is not only one of the most popular bargains on Prime Day. Get it while stocks last! Fire TV Stick Amazon API

Echo Dot

The popular, smart speaker Echo Dot now comes not only with a top price, but also with a new fabric design and improved speaker for fuller and stronger sound: Echo Dot Amazon API

Moscow Mule mug

Valuable processing, always an eye-catcher and the perfect companion when it comes to keeping delicious drinks cool for a long time: Copper mug.Copper cup Amazon API

Amazon Prime: Shopping, Streaming & More

But what is Amazon Prime anyway? If you shop at Amazon regularly, you will have stumbled upon Amazon Prime membership several times: With Amazon Prime you can have your purchases sent to you faster and without delivery charges. But that’s not all.

With the chargeable additional offer you can also use numerous other offers such as Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Prime Video and thus have a selection of over two million songs and an almost infinite range of films and series.

At the latest on Amazon Prime Day, the Amazon Prime membership will show all its skills. Prime customers receive exclusive access to great offers and huge discounts for two days.

Convinced? Then you can simply close one for 30 days free of charge Amazon Prime membership and grab the bargains on October 13 and 14, 2020.

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