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The Amazon Prime Day 2020 heralds day two and thus the grand finale again. Amazon Prime customers can still look forward to great offers today.

On the Amazon Prime Day Amazon Prime customers and those who want to become one are especially happy every year. Because then for 48 hours – and therefore two days to be precise – great deals and cheap offers beckon. For many Prime customers, it is THE shopping event of the year.

Amazon Prime Day 2020: The best deals

Instead of the usual summer, Amazon Prime Day 2020 has been taking place since 13th (since midnight) and only today, October 14th (until 11:59 p.m.), instead of. You can find all the bargains at GALA.

The offers will be as diverse as you are used to from the Amazon product range. Special Prime Day offers are lined up alongside lightning deals and new releases. One thing is certain: no shopping wish remains unfulfilled on this day.

You don’t have an Amazon Prime membership yet? Then here Take out a quick one and test the first 30 days free of charge. Then nothing stands in the way of your shopping experience on Amazon Prime Day.

The top 10 GALA readers

Oral-B electric toothbrush

Thorough cleaning of the teeth is the be-all and end-all of good oral hygiene. An integrated timer in this one electric toothbrush Always reminds us of the recommended brushing time and the visual pressure control helps to keep teeth and gums healthy. Oral B toothbrush API

Jamie Oliver pan

Popular, special and amazing price: the Jamie Oliver pan has the world’s first temperature indicator integrated into the pan! So you can do everything in a nutshell! And if you are still looking for the right lid, you will find it today here especially happy. Jamie Oliver Pan API

Echo Dot

The popular, smart speaker Echo Dot now comes not only with a top price, but also with a new fabric design and improved loudspeaker for fuller and stronger sound.
Tip: When you buy an Echo Dot (3rd Gen.) you get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free. The offer is valid for new customers and is valid until October 14, 2020 Link verfügbarEcho Dot Amazon API

Kindle Paperwhite

Love reading magazines, comics and audiobooks on your Kindle? With this Kindle Paperwhite Now you can save a lot of money as a Prime member. Kindle Whitepaper Amazon API

Face brush

Unbeatable price and that for a pore-deep cleaning without having to go to the beautician. Understandable that this Face brush then is so popular.

Face brush API

bite away

Insect bites can be very uncomfortable. With the electric stitch healer bite away Controlled heat can prevent or at least alleviate itching, pain and swelling of numerous insect bites

Moscow Mule mug

Valuable processing, always an eye-catcher and the perfect companion when it comes to keeping delicious drinks cool for a long time: Copper mug.Copper cup Amazon API

Thermos from Thermos

In the cold season it is Thermos always part of the game: it keeps 1.2 liters hot for up to 24 hours. The BPA-free bestseller in a chic red design is made of stainless steel. API thermos flask

Electric toothbrush

Thanks to innovative sound technology, your children’s teeth will be with this electric toothbrush cleaned particularly thoroughly and gently.

Children’s toothbrush API

Electric toothbrush

You can achieve gentle and effective teeth cleaning with this electric toothbrush from Philips. So that you save a lot, they come in a double pack.

Toothbrush API

Amazon Prime Day: Day two starts with great new deals

Handheld massager

Relaxation at home: with the Massager muscle tension is a thing of the past! The set includes various massage heads, and you can also choose between three speed levels.Massager API

Meat thermometer

For perfectly cooked meat: that Meat thermometer von Habor shows the temperature within 5 seconds and thus helps to determine the optimal cooking point. And thanks to the long probe there is no risk of burning your fingers! Meat thermometer API

Electric manicure

You don’t necessarily have to run to the nearest beauty salon to get well-groomed nails. You can get them at home in no time at all. With this one electric manicure set can choose between ten different attachments and shape his nails. In addition, the device is also used to tackle unsightly calluses. Electrical manicure API

Food preparation set

With the nine-part Preparation set You are not only well equipped all round and have two mixing bowls (4.5 liters & 0.5 liters), a colander, for example for pouring pasta (3 liters), a sieve (1.5 liters) and five in one go Measuring cup (different sizes). Since the individual parts fit together wonderfully, they can also be stowed away to save space. API preparation set

Bluetooth speaker

The eye-catcher at every party, both at home and in the garden and Co. that JBL-Box gives a mega sound everywhere. Now only € 84.99!


Beauty set by Braun

Here the test winner from Stiftung Warentest (05/2019) comes to your home with a whopping 48 percent! This device combines everything in one: epilator, cleaning kit for the skin, razor and even a body peeling becomes child’s play. The whole thing wirelessly, of course. Beauty care is fun! Beauty-Set API

Milk frother

Café quality for the home – that’s what the promises Induction milk frother from Severin. Today you save 50 percent on the milk frother, which refines milk coffee, macchiato and Co. with a creamy foam. Milk frother API

Vitamin C Kapseln

Vitamin C is especially important for the body. There comes this offer That’s right and the best part: The capsules are pH-neutral, acid-free, gentle on the stomach and without undesirable additives.

Vitamin C API

Hyaluronic cream

Would you like to do something good for your skin? This highly effective and moisturizing Hyaluronic acid cream is a treat for your face. Try them out and grab yours today!

Hyaluronic Acid Cream API

Smoothing brush

Beauty fans watch out! The Smoothing brush with ion technology ensures straight hair in a few seconds and is very easy to use. It is suitable for both fine and normal, thick or curly hair and has 8 different temperature settings. Smoothing Brush API

Moschino “Funny”

The floral scent of Moschino is for self-confident women who are enthusiastic about the interplay of red currant and peony. You really can’t complain about the price reduction of more than 40 percent.Moschino Fragrance API

Light alarm clock

You don’t like being woken up by a high-pitched alarm clock? A gentle alternative is that Light alarm clockthat slowly gets lighter and gives your body enough time to adjust to the beginning of the new day: 20 brightness levels, two alarm times and seven different natural sounds as background music. Light alarm clock API

Fire TV Cube

With the Fire TV Cube High definition television viewing and streaming is guaranteed. With 4K Ultra HD technology, an Alexa connection and more than 40 percent Prime discount, the only question that remains is: How fast can you deliver? (And we know: As an Amazon Prime customer, you never have to wait long for your purchase.) Fire TV Cube API

Fully automatic coffee machine from Philips

With the Coffee machines Philips gives you freshly ground coffee and espresso at the push of a button. The machine also scores with an intuitive user interface, a classic milk frother and an integrated filter. Today you get a discount of 40% on the product! Coffee machine API

Stainless steel pizza roller

Pizza straight out of the oven. Regardless of whether you put the dough and topping together yourself or it quickly became a frozen pizza: with this dishwasher-safe Pizzaroller the good piece is cut up and ready to be eaten with relish. Bon appetit! Pizza Roller API

Bluetooth headphones

Listen to music without the hassle of cables? There they come Bluetooth headphones just right! Today you save 40 percent on the hi-fi headphones, which are waterproof and thus become a loyal companion for every sporting activity outside. Bluetooth headphones API

Fire HD Kids Tablet

Learning, playing and reading, your child can do that with this one Fire HD 8 Kids Edition-Tablet. Best of all, you get one 2 year worry-free guarantee and Amazon Kids + (FreeTime Unlimited) (for 1 year at no additional cost) with direct access to apps, games and videos.

Kids Tablet API


Whether smoothies, soups or cocktails, with these Standmixer shred everything in no time. The saving of 45 euros and thus more than 50 percent is also not to be despised. No wonder he’s so popular!

Standmixer API

Bestope comedone squeezer

Clean skin is a dream of many women. But if you want to remove blackheads, you shouldn’t take your fingers for it! A comedone squeezer, however, is a suitable tool. This Set has five different blackhead removers made of stainless steel. Today for € 5.09! Comedone Squeezer API

Sleep aid

No more trouble falling asleep. The promises Sleep aid from Dodow without medication, completely natural and as a permanent solution. Sleep Aid API

Pampers monthly box

They promise premium protection for babies Diapers by Pampers. They are made of extra soft materials and offer an optimal fit and 12 hours of dryness. Another plus point: The urine indicator shows when it might be time for a fresh diaper. Pampers API

Necklace and earrings from Swarovski

We like to let it sparkle on a festive occasion! The gold-plated necklace and earrings provide individual highlights. In a soft rose color, they match every outfit. The crystal drop shape is also noble and timeless. Today you get here the set a whopping 53 percent cheaper!

Swarovski Set API

Electric callus remover

Pedicure in the express version! The electric one Callus remover von Scholl makes cracked feet pleasantly soft again. The grain even tackles stubborn calluses.

Callus Remover API

Tesvor vacuum robots

Coming home from work and the apartment is sparkling clean – with the Vacuum robot it will no longer be a dream! With the household helper, dust and dirt are quickly removed, and the practical dust robot remembers where the vacuum has already been taken.

Saugroboter API

Amazon Prime: Shopping, Streaming & More

But what is Amazon Prime anyway? If you shop at Amazon regularly, you will have stumbled upon Amazon Prime membership several times: With Amazon Prime you can have your purchases sent to you faster and without delivery charges. But that’s not all.

With the paid additional offer, you can also use numerous other offers such as Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Prime Video and thus have a selection of over two million songs and an almost infinite range of films and series.

At the latest on Amazon Prime Day, the Amazon Prime membership will show all its skills. Prime customers receive exclusive access to great offers and huge discounts for two days.

Convinced? Then you can simply close one for 30 days free of charge Amazon Prime membership and grab the bargains on October 13 and 14, 2020.

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