The FC Barcelona will have a new president on January 24, the date chosen by the Management Board for the elections to be held. The body, which presides Carles TusquetsI intended to do it before Christmas, although the logistical complexity of organizing it has prevented it from doing so.

It will be a decentralized election. This means that not only will vote at the Camp Nou, club headquarters, but in several locations to be determined, provided that the social and health security measures that must be complied with due to mobility limitations are guaranteed.

The deadlines for the process, such as the presentation of the final candidatures, will be confirmed in the near future.

It is expected that some of those who have already taken the step will finally be confirmed, such as Joan Laporta, who is one of the great favorites, or Víctor Font, who already has a signing on his board such as Toni Nadal.