Kimi Raikkonen speaks seldom openly about his career and life outside the racetracks in a special interview at Autosport.

The value publication of motorsport published a special article about Räikkönen after a Finn became the driver who drove the most races ever. In the previous race at the Nürburgring, the 323rd GP start of his career came into account.

The number could have been even higher if Räikkönen had not been on the sidelines for the seasons 2010 and 2011. After Ferrari bought a Finn to give up his place Fernando Alonsolle Räikkönen had time to enjoy his life without the responsibilities of an F1 race driver.

A two-year sideline from the F1 depots ignited Räikkönen’s passion for the number one flame again.

When Räikkönen did not drive, F1 was not interested.

– I didn’t watch almost any race. I could watch if the TV was on.

Räikkönen managed to avoid seeing F1 cars even in the small principality of Monaco, where he was on the race weekend.

– I was in Monaco for a completely different reason. I didn’t seem to see any F1 cars with my own eyes that weekend. I saw a Formula 2 car (then GP2, ed. Note) in the morning when I returned from the bar! Räikkönen reveals.

Family more important

In an interview, Räikkönen is asked how he manages to continue to travel around the world from week to week as the most experienced driver in the series.

The answer is passion. Räikkönen takes his profession as an F1 driver seriously, but in balance he breaks away from his role at home.

– Before, I didn’t have a family, unlike today, but it still works the same way. I go home, spend time with my family, do normal things and do my work on race weekends, Räikkönen opens his world of thought.

Räikkönen is known as a driver who also takes care of the mechanics’ work. Among other things, he has helped his team improve the grinding of the brake pedal and the driving bench.

Räikkönen is nice to play with machines and equipment in his own garage. Admittedly, it doesn’t drive the family ahead.

– It would not be right to come home and fix something for five hours in my own circumstances.

In the interview, Räikkönen recalls his childhood. Together Ramiwith his brother, the duo snorted everything from an early age.

– As a child, we were able to work quite freely with welding equipment, for example. Our parents let us do things. Sometimes we destroyed Mom’s bike by removing parts from it, and they weren’t very happy. But in general, we were allowed to roam freely of all kinds.