Swedish Expressen reported on a confusing match in Damallsvenskan last weekend. The football league match between Piteå and Eskilstuna was played despite the fact that there was snow like cannonball in Piteå.

The LF Arena field was already covered in the snow before the match started, and the volunteers helped it hit it. However, that didn’t help, as the snow continued throughout the game.

Swedish national team keeper, playing in Rosengård Zecira Musovic, was amazed at what happened on Twitter. If the image below does not appear, you can view it from this link.

– This is a match of the highest league level in Sweden, and yet the match is played in such weather. Football has turned into a snowball, and the boundaries of the field are not visible under the snow. I would understand if it were a school break football game, Mušovic tweeted.

In addition to him, several others wondered why the match wasn’t suspended in the second half when the snow made playing even dangerous.

– I have much higher expectations for this league. There must be minimum requirements for the conditions in which one can play, Mushovic told Expressen.

– I think the referee should have suspended the game because there was a risk of injury. It wasn’t even football anymore, Eskilstuna Anna Oscarsson stated to the magazine.

The rules of the Swedish Football Association state that a match may not be played if it is more than -15 degrees outside. There is no limit to the amount of snow.

– The decision is made by the referee. We do not know how he had justified the decision in this case, the Swedish Football Association’s competition manager Anna Lögdberg said to Expressen.

Piteå won the confusing match 1-0.