Top model Gigi Hadid, 25, and singer Zayn Malik, 27, have had their firstborn children. Happy parents told about a baby girl born in the family on Wednesday in Some.

Both published pictures of the little one showing the little fingers of the newborn child.

– Our baby girl is here, healthy and beautiful. Putting what I feel now into words would be an impossible task. The love I feel for this little person is beyond my comprehension. I am grateful to have the opportunity to know him, to invite him to gain possession of it and grateful for the common life, fresh the father wrote.

– Our girl joined this world this weekend and she has already changed our world. So in love, fresh mother wrote.

New parents have received wild congratulations on adding a family. In addition to fans, the congratulators include faces familiar to the public, such as models Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski and fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

Hadid and Malik have been dating since 2015, but there have been breaks in between.

Pregnancy news was received last spring and finally Gigi himself announced the good news. In August, she shared pictures of her rounded belly.

Earlier in the summer, Hadid received criticism when she was alleged to cover her rounding belly with loose clothing. The debate began when British Vogue recently published an article titled “Gigi Hadid Reveals How She Disguises Her Pregnancy”. The article referred to the fact that Hadidin has been commented on Instagram to still look very compact, even though her pregnancy is already well advanced.

Shortly after the article was published, Hadid tweeted that her comments had not meant what Vogue was referring to.

– Am I covering up? I said that the pictures taken from the front and side of the loose jumpsuit look different, and by no means that I had deliberately tried to cover anything up. I proudly and happily share the status report when I feel like it, thank you, Hadid wrote on Twitter shortly after the article was published.

Hadid later posted on Twitter an exhaustive response to a discussion on the subject.

“So far, I am proud of this time and will share it with my family and loved ones,” Hadid replied.