“The baby Jesus can be born two hours earlier”, Italian minister ditch

“The baby Jesus can also be born two hours earlier, it is not a heresy,” said the Italian minister for Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, to the regional presidents meeting in videoconference to agree on the restrictions of the next few weeks in Italy due to the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic.

While the Government is still studying whether the ski slopes will remain open and whether the school will open two weeks before Christmas or after Three Kings, the minister who leads the negotiations with the autonomies has used an argument for the night confinement who has left his interlocutors without reasons. They were debating how one could attend the midnight Christmas mass if the night curfew remains in effect.

“Sitting at the table two hours before, and I say it as a Catholic – the minister has reasoned-, or that Jesus is born two hours before is not a heresy”, adding that “heresy is not noticing the sick, the difficulties of the doctors, of the people who suffer. “” Let’s not be hypocrites, this would be heresy, “the minister has halted aspirations to delay the curfew. Papa. “Pope Francis gave a beautiful example to everyone last Easter when the Via Crucis came out since he was alone in St. Peter’s Square,” said the minister to add: “Christmas is not done with the timer, but rather an act of faith “.

Reaction of the far right

The head of the deputies of the extreme right of the Brothers of Italy (FdI) has answered him piqued: “Boccia decides at what time Jesus has to be born, dispenses cards of Christian hortodoxy and excommunicates the heretics, are we one step away from the Chinese model State Church?”

There is no information on whether the minister has convinced the regional presidents, although it will be known this weekend, when the Government approves the decree that will regulate the movements of citizens during the upcoming parties.

To date, only unconfirmed leaks have come out about the permanence of the curfew Perhaps anticipated at nine o’clock at night to avoid mass dinners, the “recommendation” to celebrate the parties only among the most intimate (between six and 10 people) and the possibility of inter-regional displacements in the event that all autonomies are orange. In other words, they have at least the contagion index below one for several consecutive days.

The Minister he had closed the videoconference stating that “the safety of people and health come first, we have to settle this second wave avoiding the third and maintaining coexistence with the virus with maximum security.”



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