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In the last 15 days, the number of coronavirus infections in Catalonia has uploaded a 58%, going from 9,543 accumulated cases confirmed by PCR to 15,085 this Monday, according to the figures published daily by the Ministry of Health. But if the comparison is made with data from a month ago, when there were 6,871 accumulated infections, it represents an increase in 119,54%.

The primary care centers (CAP), that for months have been acting as containment dikes for this second wave of covid-19 and that have not stopped treating patients with other pathologies, urgently seek new alternative spaces where to perform PCR on suspected cases of the virus and their close contacts. GPs warn: agglomerations of patients in waiting rooms, which are closed places with poor ventilation, increase the risk of contagion. A fish that bites its tail.

The Ministry of Health It is already working on enabling spaces attached to those CAPs that have more problems. Department and Barcelona’s town hall They are also considering using the municipal spaces set up for the influenza vaccination campaign as future enclaves to carry out the PCR tests, although at the moment there is nothing closed.

Care burden

“The care burden is so high that we need alternative spaces. More and more patients are coming for PCR. Without forgetting that we also assume non-covid patients, “he explains Antoni Sisó, President of the Catalan Society of Family and Community Medicine (Camfic). Coronavirus infections are increasing at a forced marches and, with them, PCR tests.

He CAP Les Corts (Barcelona), where Sisó works, did 318 PCRs the week of October 5 to 11. The following week, 591: 85% more. “There’s a real danger of agglomerations. We need more spaces. There is CAP with little surface area and poor ventilation, and crowds are being promoted in waiting rooms, “he adds.

The CAP Les Corts performed last week 85% more CRP than the previous

According to Sisó, this problem occurs, above all, in primary care in Barcelona. In fact, executives from different CAPs in the coastal area of ​​the Catalan capital have begun to promote, in recent days, a campaign on Twitter with the ‘hashtag’ # SOSAtencióPrimària, which denounces the lack of space in many health centers.

One of them is Anna Romagosa, director of CAP Raval Nord, one of the most limited in its infrastructures. “We are collapsed and we must find a way to continue caring for covid patients and the rest of patients with chronic diseases. That is why we need more spaces and more staff “, Romagosa account. According to her, the nursing staff was strengthened “a little”, but not that of doctors, because “they cannot be found.”

The CAP Raval Nord asks to “remove” the contacts of the positive cases “outside” the health centers and centralize them in a single space per district. “And, if they are positive, return them to the CAP.” Salut sources assure that the ‘conselleria’ studies the “need” to find “different spaces” to “centralize” PCR testing “at the district level”.

Too much paperwork

In the midst of the pandemic, primary care also cries out against the bureaucratization. “The contacts of the positive cases are a lot of work. They involve many casualties that we do. It would help if the patient could make a sworn declaration. It is a lot of bureaucracy that fills our consultations and prevents us from doing other things, “explains Romagosa. He also asks that people, with other pathologies, who need a leave of less than two days can also make an affidavit.

Doctors denounce “bureaucracy” that require the contacts of the positive cases of covid-19

“Many CAPs in Barcelona are small. Kisses He is now 20 years old, but he was already born small, he lacked space. And now we find that we have a lack of space for everything, “he says. Meritxell Sànchez, CAP Besòs family doctor. “In the same way that spaces have been sought to vaccinate against the flu [este centro la realiza en el ‘casal d’avis’ del barrio], there should be others for PCRs. We want more staff and more space. PCR tests can be performed by nursing assistants or even clerks, “he says.

Next to the CAP Besòs is the old cinema Pere IV. “The idea, from the Consorci Sanitari de Barcelona (CSB), is to give a part to the CAP. Having more surface would allow us to avoid crowds and work more professionals at the same time in the same place,” he defends.



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