The “autorecitales”, a trend that is consolidated and now joined by AutoBRESH: a party to dance without getting out of the car

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Faced with the impossibility of mass meetings, the modality takes hold and is looking for and finding new and different alternatives.

What would have been the general reaction, if back in February of this year or earlier, someone had thought that it might be a good idea to propose to people to go to see a concert to an open lot, but from inside the car? Or, even more, if the proposal had been go dancing, but without getting out of the vehicle.

Of course, it is not necessary to wait for an answer, to know that the simple idea would have been taken as a joke, it does not matter if it was in better or worse taste. The truth is that although it has no limits, many times the imagination tends to be infatuated with not going beyond what one would like to happen or what it may seem, simply, nonsense.

However, the coronavirus made its appearance in the world, and despite the optimistic predictions of some minister, sooner rather than later arrived in Argentina and forced a massive confinement, accompanied by a suspension of almost all “social” activities, with cultural and artistic activities among the most observed.

From there to think alternatives to recover the meeting space between artists and the public it was just what happened before understanding that the issue of isolation had come to stay for a long time, and the word streaming began to go viral until it became an almost daily issue.

The first one who was encouraged to the strange format of singing an entire recital from a theater without people and through a little camera was the Uruguayan Jorge Drexler, and since then, the trend has not only deepened, but festivals such as the Quilmes Rock and the Cosquin Rock They adopted the format as their own, and the productions, through protocol, were “professionalized” within the framework of a “contract” between musicians and the public that seems to be increasingly oiled.

And in that framework, until the Bresh party moved its call to digitality, with a surprising call, which on numerous occasions exceeded 80 thousand attendees, and which consolidated the model and stimulated new searches, such as that of bring your stage to Niceto, to transmit from there with a less “domestic” setting.

However, the question of meeting and closeness is not something that one can easily give up, especially if it is to enjoy shared experiences like those of a concert, a recital or a party. “What if we do a ‘self-concert’? “, it occurred to him to ask someone. And to the same someone -or another- it occurred to him that the idea could work, did numbers and the thing advanced.

The first to come on the scene, in front of nearly a hundred properly sanitized cars staring at him head on, was Coti, at the beginning of September in Av. Alvear y el Río, in San Isidro. The result could not be better, and immediately Los Totora contributed theirs in Mandarine Park. The course was set.

To such an extent that this weekend it will be the turn of The CAFRES, on Saturday 24 at 20 also in the Mandarine Park, in Costa Salguero, where on Sunday 25 will go out to rock Richard Coleman with his Trans-Siberean Express -In both cases, tickets are purchased through www.areaticket.TV-, while David Lebón will bring out his winning songs Gardel de Oro Also this Saturday 24, but in the brand new “drive-in” located at kilometer 10.4 of Route 58, in the town of Canning.

But the real news this weekend is the transfer of the Bresh Party at the building site, in Núñez, to launch the modality of crossing the experience of “dancing” from the cars. Suddenly, the “Bresh en casita” gives way to the “AutoBresh”, which unlike digital infinity imposes a limitation subject to space at the same time that it opens the door to a new way of enjoying it.

Scheduled between 9:30 p.m. on Saturday 24 and 2 AM on Sunday 25, AutoBresh tickets are available through The invitation is done; the question now is to see how to run the seats to make a good place inside cars.



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