Four people with coronary heart disease have filed a civil action against the Austrian government on the grounds that the government was aware of the spread of the coronavirus but allowed tourism to continue for economic reasons.

The sick demand compensation of 100,000 euros each.

However, the goal is a much larger mass action, to which more than 6,000 people have already joined. If the class action proceeds, the trial will take place next year.

Infections as early as the beginning of February

The first corona infection was reported from the ski village of Ischgl on March 7th. However, Austrian health authorities have acknowledged that Ischgl, known as Ibiza in the Alps, was already infected on February 5, according to Reuters.

The Austrian private consumer protection association VSV, which coordinates the class action lawsuit, says that most of the 6,170 people who have filed a class action lawsuit so far are from Germany, but people from more than 40 countries are involved.

Almost all of them became infected in Ischgl.

Knows a lawyer representing coronary infections Alexander Klauser told a news conference on Wednesday that the government was reacting really slowly. The tourist season was at its best and the government succumbed to pressure from the tourism industry to do nothing.

Iceland warned Austria

A number of Icelandic tourists had received a crown after their holiday in Ischgl in late February. The Icelandic authorities will report to the Austrian authorities on 5 March. So this was two days before the first “official” infection in Ischgl.

Finally, Ischgl was quarantined on March 13th. However, foreign tourists were allowed to leave. They were taken away in crowded buses, which probably only spread the infections further.

Infections in Ischgl have been traced to 45 different countries.

– At least 32 tourists have died of COVID-19 after visiting Austrian ski resorts, says VSV director Peter Kolba BBCto.