French police went on alert around 5pm local time on Friday after police officers in the area informed national police structures that a beheaded body had been found near a school in the Confland-Saint-Honorine area. suburb of northwest Paris.

What happened

A man attacked and beheaded the teacher whose name had not yet appeared in the French press with a large kitchen knife. A police source said several witnesses heard the attacker shout “Allahu Akbar” during the attack, according to the agency. Reuters. Immediately after the crime, the attacker fled the scene. However, the local police, alerted by the locals, quickly arrived in the area and managed to catch the attacker in Eragny, a neighboring neighborhood. They summoned him to surrender, but he refused and began threatening the police, who shot him and he died shortly afterwards.

Both the crime scene and the place where the police caught and shot the killer are currently closed for the purpose of the investigation. Four people, including a minor, were arrested, according to a judicial source quoted by AFP, all of whom were related to the attacker.

VIDEO The moment the Parisian attacker who beheaded a teacher is cornered and shot by French police

Who is the victim

According to information obtained by the international press, the victim is a 47-year-old geography and history teacher who also taught “moral and civic education”. During a class on this subject, he discussed with his students, aged between 12 and 14, about freedom of expression. During the discussion, the teacher showed them some of the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in Charlie Hebdo magazine. According to some parents, the teacher told Muslim students, before showing the photos, to leave the room if they felt offended.

Earlier this month, after the teacher showed students caricatures of Muhammad, several Muslim parents complained to the school management about the teacher’s decision, and a very nervous parent posted a video on YouTube criticizing him. professor. Conformable The Guardian, on Friday night, after the attack, another parent commented on the respective video on Youtube, saying: “I am the parent of a student from this school. The teacher only showed the cartoons published in Charlie Hebdo in a lesson on freedom of expression. He told Muslim students that they could leave the room if they wanted to, out of respect for them. He was an extraordinary teacher. He tried to encourage the critical spirit of his students, always with respect and intelligence. Tonight, I am sad for my daughter, but also for all the teachers in France. Can we continue to teach without fear of being killed? ”

Who is the attacker

According to the French press, the suspect is a young man born in Moscow, identified as Abdulah A., of Chechen origin, aged 18 years. He was not listed on any French police list as having links to any terrorist network. Conformable The Parisian, would have had only a criminal record for minor crimes, common law. Immediately after the beheading of the teacher, the killer claimed his act on Twitter, posting a photo of the beheaded victim with the description “Macron, the head of the infidels, I executed one of your dogs, who dared to defile Mohammed.” The account was suspended shortly after this post was published.

Macron’s reaction

Emmanuel Macron, who arrived urgently in the attack area and with a visibly affected figure, was sharp in his statements. “One of our compatriots was assassinated today because he taught others. He taught his students about freedom of speech, the freedom to believe or not to believe. It was a mischievous attack. He is the victim of an Islamist terrorist attack, “he said, adding that the killer sought to” attack the republic and its values. ” “This is our battle and it is an existential one. The terrorists will not be successful, they will not divide us “, the French president proclaimed.

In January 2015, two Islamist terrorists killed 12 people inside and near the Charlie Hebdo newsroom. The next day, in an attack by another terrorist, a policewoman and other people of Jewish origin were killed in a supermarket. All three terrorists were killed in separate incidents by French police. A trial is currently underway in France in which 14 individuals suspected of links to the 2015 attacks are on trial, and three weeks ago, two journalists were stabbed near the former headquarters of Charlie Hebdo.

In the context of a growing concern of the French public about Islamist extremism, Emmanuel Macron announced earlier this month in a much-anticipated speech by French citizens that a minority of the roughly six million Muslims on the territory of France they are about to form a “counter-society”. To combat this and to defend the secular values ​​of the republic, Macron proposed a series of new regulations, such as stricter supervision of the schooling process of Muslims in the French system or control of external funding of Muslim places of worship.