The Argentine judoka who wanted to get coronavirus: “It was a desperate moment”

“The measures taken here are strict but they have managed to alleviate the pandemic”

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Eduardo Gauto, who took the gold in Lima 2019, commented that he had thought of intentionally catching Covid-19.

The coronavirus pandemic was devastating in every way. Not only are thousands of people who lost their lives as a result of the disease, but even more were affected at work by it. Athletes are not the exception to the rule and that can be confirmed Eduardo Gauto, who had a really bad time after making an extreme decision.

Yes: the judoka champion of the Parapan American Games in Lima 2019 and who will soon play the Paralympics in Japan, explained that he thought about intentionally contract coronavirus to speed up the times and to return to training as soon as possible with the corresponding antibodies. “One day the madness seized me. It so happened that my niece’s boyfriend had caught it and I decided to catch it,” she said.

“I was thinking of having a drink with him. I consulted with close doctors, but in particular with my sister-in-law, who is a therapist and kinesiologist at Gandulfo de Lomas, and she he wanted to kill me. He told me that he saw people who passed absolutely normal and there were people, many, who died, “Gauto told the Telam agency. And he added:” There is no guarantee of how he can catch you.

He also spoke about the situation that brought him to that point. “It was a desperate moment. The last time I stepped on a tatami was on March 13. I no longer run with the pressure of qualifying, but it served as a measure of how I was going to get to the Games. It was an extreme decision, but given my health history, I was very confident, “he remarked.

Now the athlete volunteer for a vaccine against Covid-19 which is being tested in the country. “My sister-in-law advised me to sign up to volunteer for Pfizer and BioNTech because they were going to test a vaccine in Argentina. I found the requirements that were to be healthy, without underlying diseases and be between 18 and 85 years old. On August 18 they gave me the first dose at the Military Hospital. Once you sign the consent, they do blood tests and a swab for later comparison “he added.

In addition, he analyzed the back to training with the authorization of the National Government and assured that modifications should be made. “Although there are decrees and it enables you, it requires adjusting to certain protocols. We are not essential and therefore we are not authorized to travel by public transport. I could go to train, but by car. I could go to the Cenard, get on the tatami and make movements with some elements, resistance exercises, but I could not fight because there can be no contact. It was exposing myself to something that is not sport. To move alone, I do it on the terrace of my house “, closed the judoka.


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