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Ni democratic party nor citizen celebration. United States face the presidential election and legislative on Tuesday with a knot in the stomach and high levels of anxiety, fractured in in two halves that they have stopped listening and that they distrust deeply of the rival side. Part of the electorate of both parties does not believe that these will be a clean election. The threat of violence runs through the country. And the two Americas contemplate their potential defeat in terms apocalyptic: Democrats fear it’s the end of democracy; the republicans, the principle of socialism. To top it all, there are many doubts that there could be a definitive result on the night of November 3, prolonging the insomnia of a nation that fears that nothing will ever be the same again.

The stakes are so high that everything points to a participation record, possibly the highest in the last century, according to the predictions of experts. More of 80 million Americans have voted already in advance, which has meant that in states like Texas the total participation in 2016 has been exceeded. Surveys continue to give as winner to Democrat Joe Biden, which at this point has a higher advantage than it had Hillary Clinton four years ago. But this time nobody in his party, nobody dares to claim victory. In the last weeks Donald Trump it has cut its deficit in most of the states that will decide the elections. In Florida, Arizona O Pennsylvania it is within the margin of error of the polls.

Democratic doubts

“These polls are not created & rdquor ;, the filmmaker and left-wing activist has warned, Michael Moore, who already predicted the Republican’s victory four years ago. Moore argues that the president’s voters do not trust pollsters, whom they see as one more branch of the so-called ‘Deep State’ (Deep state), and therefore do not necessarily express their true preferences. But there are other worrying factors for Democrats. From disadvantage in new voter registration in the last four years, at much more vigorous campaign what the Republicans have done on the ground. Also the low turnout registered so far among black and Hispanic voters in decisive states such as Florida and Pennsylvania.

Not to mention that 56% of Americans who say they are better today than four years ago in a recent Gallup poll, a higher percentage than they had Reagan, Bush and Obama when facing reelection. The paradox is that 56% also think that Trump “does not deserve reelection & rdquor;, compared to 43% who think otherwise. The patio is not for many predictions because it is difficult to gauge the frustration and suffering that run through the country. To the more than 230,000 deaths from the pandemic, we must add the ravages of the economic recession, the racial protests that this week have left serious altercations in Philadelphia, Portland and Washington or the hangover of natural disasters of this 2020, from the fires on the West coast to the hurricanes and floods that devastated the South of the country.

Fear in the streets

The street is afraid of what may happen in the coming weeks. In urban centers, many shops have sheltered as if waiting for a typhoon to pass. Some companies have given their workers holidays this week to ensure your safety. And universities like George Washington in the capital have asked their students to do food gathering to last at least a week in case you can’t go outside. An anxiety that stems in part from Trump’s rejection of acknowledge your potential defeat and appeals to his followers to come to monitor polling stations.

Both parties have armies of lawyerBe ready to react if either party disputes the results. And while the civil war purr cup online forums, arms sale it has skyrocketed across the country, as is often the norm, however, before every presidential election. “Of course there is concern, We have been on alert since the summer & rdquor ;, said this week the head of the FBI, Abbas Golfrey, in Seattle. Your agency has redoubled its presence in the country because of what may happen. But it is not the only one. For the first time, instructions have been given to the ICE, in charge of the arrest of irregular immigrants, to ensure safety, according to NBC News.

The fatalism it has penetrated even the most lucid minds. “The levels of mistrust in this country – in our institutions, our politics, and in ourselves – are going through a steep decline. And chen social trust sinks, nations fail& rdquor ;, David Brooks wrote a few weeks ago in ‘The Atlantic’.

End of campaign

And meanwhile, the campaign has entered its final hours. Trump had this Sunday five rallies planned in five other states, a marathon that will be completed on Monday with another seven campaign events. Less ambitious is the biden’s agenda, which will concentrate its efforts with various acts in Pennsylvania in the next two days, although both Barack Obama and Kamala Harris they will visit other states such as Michigan, Florida and Georgia.

From the outside, many Americans are praying these days that there is a clear winner because, otherwise, the tension could run wild. According to Axios, the president would have told his advisers that he thinks sing victory on Tuesday if he is ahead in the count, despite the fact that there will most likely not be a final scrutiny in several states until days after the elections.



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