Last week, the Madrid triathlete Diego Méntrida He rose to fame for his sporting gesture in the Santander triathlon, in which he gave third place in the race a few meters from the finish line to James Teagle, who took the wrong route in the last corner, moving away from the medal of bronze.

A decision that has earned him a lots of praise and praise, with a dedicated message from actor Will Smith among the most prominent.

However, the Moscow marathon has uncovered the one who has already been baptized in networks as the ‘anti-Méntrida‘, the athlete from Kyrgyzstan, Yuri Chechun. Chechun reached the final stage of the race behind the Russian Iskander Yadgarov, although still fighting for the final victory.

Facing the last straight of the marathon, Chechun pairs up with Yadgarov and gives him a slight push that the Russian does not understand and gestures to ask for an explanation.

Beyond that touch, which has no major consequences, already in the last meters, Chechun manages to overtake his rival and leave a few seconds of margin between them. All this to be able to take advantage of that distance to turn around and taunt his rival, pretending to be looking for him in the distance.

An attitude that denotes little sportsmanship in the Kyrgyz corridor and that the public has not liked anything, that they have made it known on social networks. Of course, in the race of values, it is Méntrida who turns to look for Chechun in the distance.