The analysis of the presidential debate in the US, minute by minute

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The most prominent crosses between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The look of the Clarín correspondent.

The first of three debates between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden before the November 3 elections in the United States began this Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio, with enormous expectations.

The moderator is Chris Wallace, from the conservative Fox News network, who has had a run-in with Donald Trump. He immediately clarified that the questions were not advanced to anyone. He thus refuted some conservative media who had said that he had advanced them to Biden.

Trump entered seriously and there were no greetings. Wallace clarified that they would not shake hands over coronavirus precautions.

The president wore his favorite blue and red tie. Biden’s tie is rare. In general, candidates tend to use the colors blue and red in debates. Not blue and white because it is not considered very presidential.

Trump started from the first minutes to pitch darts against the moderator, that asks for precision in the answer: “I thought I was going to debate with him, not with you,” he said. The president begins to be himself.

Next, move forward with his strategy of painting Biden as a socialist. That word will be repeated several times in the debate. He said that he seeks to socialize health.

“This man doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Biden shoots at Trump about the health plan. Try to get back on the offensive.

“In 47 years you did nothing,” Trump replies to Biden. Engines get hot.

A segment that can be complicated for Trump begins, the coronavirus. Biden attacks Trump’s performance with the pandemic. The president replies that he closed the borders immediately. It is the argument that usually repeats.

Washington, correspondent


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