Forty days before the US election, in which religion will play a central role, Barr, one of the pillars of the Donald Trump administration, attended a prayer breakfast with Catholics on Wednesday.

Religion is a factor of “restraint” and “freedom”, which has a role to play in public life, said the secretary, himself a Catholic.

But in the last half century, “traditional morality has eroded, and proponents of secularism have often succeeded in eliminating religion from our schools and the public square,” Barr lamented.

This withdrawal of religion has translated into a “strong increase in urban violence, drug use and family breakdown,” the justice secretary said.

It is never too late to go to God’s vineyard

, Barr concluded using a biblical parable

President Donald Trump is betting on voters on the religious right to run for a second term.

To attract them, he is to nominate a magistrate with traditional Christian values ​​in the United States Supreme Court on Saturday.

Amy Coney Barrett is considered the favorite.

If the president’s nomination is confirmed in the Senate, it will firmly anchor the chessboard as this institution, which cuts into topics dear to religious voters such as abortion or the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT).