New times involve the development and implementation of new technologies, and it is a reality that impacts all the media that are related to technological advances, such as cinema.

In that understanding, one of the most anticipated films of this moment is The Batman, a new solo film of the Overcast Crusader that has the plot and direction of Matt Reeves (responsible for the phenomenal Planet of the Apes: Showdown Y Planet of the Apes: War) and with Robert pattinson on the skin of the Bat.

And although the movie will reach the March 4, 2022 (That is if another change in its premiere date does not appear again), it is a good time to talk about the technologies that are being used in its realization.

Rob Bredow, chief creative officer of the visual effects company Industrial Light & Magicsaid during a session in the VIEW virtual conference taken up by The Hollywood Reporter that, for certain sequences, the film is drawing on methods that are part of what is known as ‘virtual production’.

The term is related to the use of real-time visual effects, that is, while working with the cast to frame, without entering the post-production phase.

Although he did not delve into the subject as much, Bredow said the production design team built actual sets that were integrated into a pared LED that allows the entry into play of the ‘virtual production’.

In other words, The Batman will use the technique Stagecraft implemented in the series The Mandalorian, which consists of an immersive screen that is placed at the bottom of the shot and that surrounds the entire set, in order to provide responsive images that allow production to move the camera at will as if it were on location.

The images are created with the graphics engine Unreal Engine and Bredow affirmed that it is a technique that makes the work rhythm more natural, since not so much time is wasted waiting for the computers to process the visuals.