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The African-American man who died on August 31 at the hands of two policemenwas shot 19 times and carried a stolen pistolthe Los Angeles sheriff’s office reported Thursday.

Two weeks after the event that has reignited protests against police violence in Los Angeles, the authorities did not specify the crime against road safety for which they chased the man, whose identity and possession of the weapon they did not know until a subsequent struggle ensued.

“I can’t say what the exact violation was, he was simply driving his bicycle on the wrong side of the road, “Captain Kent Wegener, of the Sheriff’s Department of the Californian town, responded at a press conference.

The conference reconstructed the event by which Dijon Kizzee, a 29-year-old African-American citizen, died after receiving 19 shots, according to the official autopsy.

Apparently the agents they tried to stop Kizzee around 3pm But the man turned around, got off his bicycle and fled with several items of clothing wrapped in his hand.

When they got close for the second time, the target hit one of the policemen and in the middle of a tug of war One of the articles of clothing fell to the ground, hinting that it was wrapping a pistol.

The instant Kizzee tried to pick up the gun, officers fired 19 times until causing his death.

“In the next steps the investigation will have to determine if the performance was correct“said the captain.

As confirmed by the spokesperson, none of the policemen knew the identity of the man when, in the first instance, they proceeded to arrest him while he was riding a bicycle on the road, committing a “traffic offense”.

In investigations after his death, investigators discovered that Kizzee had a history with various prior offenses and he was violating an order that prevented him from possessing firearms.

They also found videos on his phone that they focused the same gun, a semi-automatic model registered in Las Vegas and stolen in 2017.

Before the explanations, the Sheriff of Los Angeles, Alex Villanueva, justified the police activity in the south of the city with the help of several maps that show the number of homicides, shootings and crimes in the neighborhood where the events occurred, Westmont.

“There are people there who they try to survive in an area that is practically a war zone. “The investigation continues.



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