The AFA forgot about mathematics and the fixture of the new tournament opens room for controversy

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The Calculus Institute of the UBA was in charge of applying models to make a fair championship, but the leaders let go of his hand.

It seemed that everything was going to be as it was until recently: a mathematical model was going to tidy up the fixture, there would be no “curious” draws and a competition would be developed without disadvantages.

-How, we do it. We will talk next year.

That was the phrase that emerged from the AFA to the UBA’s Calculus Institute, multi-award-winning entity worldwide. So much so that the project of mathematical models applied to Argentine soccer is a finalist for one of the most important awards (Wagner Prize) in the area, organized by the North American society of that discipline (INFORMS).

It is also remembered: it is the same entity that is in charge of the fixture of the Qualifiers in Conmebol, the National Basketball League and the Chilean Soccer League.

This time, for the competition to come, the leaders let go of the Institute and controversies ensued in many aspects. For example, due to the election of the seeded men: the inclusion of Vélez killed the tradition by excluding Huracán and there were also complaints from Estudiantes and the two giants from Rosario: Newell’s and Central.

From the organizational point of view, in terms of the draw and the determined fixture, there were multiple failures.

Each zone has a team with three home games in a row and another with three consecutive away games. The striking thing is that Boca, River and Huracán are some of the teams that repeat the localía or be visitors three times in a row.

There are formats that allow that not to happen. Not exactly the so-called “mirror”, which is the one they decided to use and in which the order of the matches of the first wheel is the same as the order of the second.

The Copa Libertadores has it studied and to avoid that it uses the French system, in which the first date of the first round is the last of the second.

Also, the kilometers traveled are very uneven. While Racing and Independiente are above 3,000, San Lorenzo, Huracán and Vélez are around 1,000. Even in four-team zones, there was a way to combine them to match the kilometers traveled, but it involved using some math, as was done until the last tournament.

And it’s clear for the immediate future: in a 26-team tournament like next year, it would be a disaster not to resort to math. Or the controversies will return …


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