The AFA doctor Donato Villani spoke of Diego Maradona’s health: “I saw him very well, whole and lucid”

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Regarding the operation for the subdural hematoma, he said that “it is a routine surgery” that “should not have any type of problem.”

Donato Villani, AFA doctor and former member of the coaching staff when Diego Maradona was the manager of the Argentine National Team, went to visit the La Plata Gymnastics and Fencing coach and said he saw him “very good, very whole and very lucid“.

“(Claudio” Chiqui “) Tapia called me to go see him because he wanted to know first-hand how he was. The truth is that I saw him very well, very whole and very lucid,” he said in ESPN.

“Nothing to do with what I saw on the day of the game images,” he said about the last match that the Lobo He beat Patronato en el Bosque 3-0 and where Maradona was on the field.

In addition, he said that he has “a great emotional feeling for Diego” for having worked with him and for having shared very beautiful moments. Villani had stopped being the doctor of the National Team during Alfio Basile’s second cycle and returned in 2008 when Maradona took office, at the request of the then technician.

“At the moment he looks very good and awaiting the resolutions with this that everyone is giving with a diagnosis of a subdural hematoma,” the doctor insisted.

He said that Diego “was watching football as usual” and that he joked “with personal issues that we have had in the past.” “Just at that moment the doctor who was with the diagnosis came in and they evaluated the possibility of it being surgical, which was not 100% defined until the moment I was there,” he explained.

Regarding the operation that requires the diagnosis, he said that “in the hands of those who know how to do it, it is a routine surgery, which should not have any type of problem, or any type of complication.”

“It is a hematoma, what is done is to drain it, remove it from where it is so that there is no growth or an infectious process, or something can damage the brain,” he synthesized.



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