The AFA, at the center of another source of conflict: they propose that Almirante Brown ascend directly to the First National

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If the Executive Committee makes that decision, after Chiqui Tapia has said that “promotions will be defined on the field”, the claim of other teams will come.

Claudio Tapia’s words were forceful in May, when no one imagined such a stop. “I do not know how long we will have, but promotions will be defined on the court”Said the president of the AFA. Far from being a slave to his words, training came back long before the country was in “phase 4”, like itself Chiqui had announced through the official channels of Viamonte. In that sense, could still not resist file if a huge benefit for Admiral Brown is confirmed.

Beyond the sayings of the head honcho of the AFA, the board of directors of the First B will appear in the Executive Committee with an elaborate tournament proposal that includes the promotion of Isidro Casanova’s team to the First National.

A decision that goes against the arguments that the lawyers of the ballot box used before the CAS to oppose the claim of San Martin de Tucumán, according to Jorge Luis Laurino, Tristán Suárez’s lawyer, is that “No team had the merit to be promoted directly.” He said it on the show Promotion x 3 (94.7 FM).

Almirante Brown was champion of the Apertura tournament and is the leader of the general table beside Communications (45 points each). Tristan Suarez is the Clausura pointer (17 units). However, the decision made by the AFA at the abrupt end of the season left 9 unfinished dates.

A commission of 9 clubs was formed to put together a new format: Almirante Brown, Armenio, Acassuso, Argentino de Quilmes, Talleres de Escalada, Los Andes, Comunicaciones, Colegiales and JJ Urquiza. The starting date for the category is November 24.

Javier Marín, vice of Acassuso, presented a tournament proposal, in which for the first promotion they will play from 3rd to 8th of the general table. The 3 winners will qualify for the semis, an instance in which Communications will be incorporated. The winners will play a match to access the final, where Almirante Brown will wait. The tournament would end on January 12.

What idea does this project have for the second ascent? A tournament in phases. In the first they would play from 9 to 18. The 5 winners would face the 3 losers who could not qualify for the semis due to the first promotion. The 4 that are still in the race will be joined by the losers of the first batch semifinals. The 3 winners will be joined by the team that could not access the final with Almirante Brown. And the winner of the reduced for the second promotion will play the final against the loser of the final for the first promotion.

On the other side, César Sosa and Alejandro Freije, presidents of Argentino y Talleres, propose that Admiral Brown ascend directly and 3 triangular games are played between the teams located from 10th to 18th place.

The top 3 from each zone would join those who finished between 3rd and 9th place to play a petit tournament. The best of the five classified in the general table will be added in the semis along with Communications. The other four will be eliminated in a round trip. The winner of the final will be promoted to the First National and the loser will play a Promotion with a rival from Federal A (as long as it is played).

To carry out this championship, 12 dates would be needed and it would last until February. Marín, very upset, resigned from the Committee. There were screams through the Zoom. The next day, Beanie he apologized for his terms. But the proposal was imposed of Argentino de Quilmes y Talleres. In the vote, in addition to the leader of Acassuso, Adrián Zaffaroni (JJ Urquiza) and Luciano Nakis (Armenian) opposed. Among those who raised their hands in favor of the promotion of Admiral Brown was Maximiliano Levy, president of … Admiral Brown and of the table of B. In addition, he is deputy secretary of the Executive Committee of the AFA.

“Under this format, Comunicaciones would join the game in January. What if it is eliminated? Did you pay the wages 10 months for nothing? There were other teams that just started hiring players last week, ”he complained to Clarion a leader who frequents virtual meetings.

If they promote Almirante Brown, should they use the same criteria with Cañuelas and Liniers, Apertura champions in C and D. Will AFA approve it, still exposed to its contradictions? Anything can happen in the Ministry of national football, where the political thread spins more than the ball.



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