The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn: the film to comment together on Sunday 13 September with SimulWatch

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The shared vision of Sunday 13 September organized by the editorial staff of its SimulWatch, our app available for free on Google Play e App Store, is a first animated film directed by Steven Spielberg. The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn, taken from the character comics created by Hergé, was shot entirely in performance capture, that is, physically acted in the studio by the actors wearing a suit for motion detection. The computer work completed the work with the digital artists who drew the characters on the movements of the performers. Produced by Peter Jackson and yes Steven Spielberg, is the first of a trilogy that should alternate the two to direct. this first film was directed by Spielberg in 2011 but to date there is still no news of the second chapter. The film received an Academy Award nomination in the Best Score category, composed by John Williams, and won the Golden Globe for best animated film.
The appointment for see all together The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn and comment on it with friends and family, each at home, through the SimulWatch chat is set for Sunday 13 September at 3 pm.

In The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn, after buying a model ship for little money at a stall, Tintin (original entry by Jamie Bell) is surprised that the disturbing Ivanovitch Sakharine (original entry by Daniel Craig) is so interested in the object that he is kidnapped with his trusty dog Nice and take it with you on a merchant ship bound for Morocco.
The diabolical Sakharine bribed the crew to turn it against the ship’s commander, the Captain Haddock (original entry by Andy Serkis), but the latter, thanks to the help of Tintin and Milou, manages to escape and all together arrive in Morocco, at the court of the Sheikh who holds another model boat.
At that point the captain explains to Tintin that three centuries earlier his ancestor Sir Francis Haddock he had been forced to sink his ship, the Unicorn, after it was attacked by Sakharine’s pirate ancestor, but managed to hide his immense treasure.

SimulWatch is the app created by Coming Soon which is both a movie search engine within all legal streaming platforms operating in Italy, and a platform through which to set shared appointments for watching a movie and comment on it through the internal chat with friends, relatives or even strangers from the comfort of your home sofa.
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