With the return to routine, doing sports has once again taken over our planning diary. Either going to the gym several times a week or going out to do running, exercising is a more than healthy habit that we all enjoy … until the stiffness begins!This physiological response of our muscles to training usually only lasts a couple of days, but the time that we live with it is, sometimes, enough for us to put sport aside. But did you know that they exist tools that promote muscle recovery to prevent shoelaces from taking us away (longer than convenient) from life fitness?

Massage guns are one of them, as they help to relax the muscles after exercise and warm them up beforehand, through a percussion therapy with small strokes that generate a vibration that reaches the deepest fibers of the muscle. In addition, they help improve circulation, relieve pain from injuries and contribute to muscle recovery. While it is true that, at first, their price was high, now they have become more affordable. In fact, just for the next few hours, you can get a Rybozen for less than 34 euros. Do you give it a try?

Rybozen’s massage gun.

Why choose this massage gun

  • A mode for every need. So that each user can adapt the functions of the gun to their needs or demands, it offers six speeds ranging from lower to higher number of strokes per minute. In addition, thanks to its autonomy of up to three hours, it allows us to massage the different muscle groups in one go and adapting the intensity at all times.
  • Detachable heads … and interchangeable! Adapting the head to the area to be massaged is essential if we want to do it properly. Therefore, this ‘gadget’ includes four different ones to satisfy the needs of different muscles. In addition, the fact that they are disassembled makes cleaning easier after they have been used.
  • Silent. To prevent noise from disturbing us while we are using it, this gun relies on a silent working system and a brushless motor that ensures that vibrations are not heard more than necessary.

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