Artist Delphine Boëlin the long court battle ended happily on Thursday when she was declared Delphine Saxe-Cobourg, the princess of the country, by Brussels court.

In 2013, the king relinquished his crown Albert II tried for a long time to keep her and the baroness Sybille de Selys Longchampsin The 18-year-old’s secret was hidden, but eventually the public pressure became too strong.

The relationship had resulted in a daughter, Delphine, who grew up hiding from the public eye. But when the king’s relationship paper emerged, it was clear that the life of a young visual artist would also be revolutionized.

It is now 21 years since that moment.

– I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to become famous and I was somehow ashamed. I was the dirty laundry of King Albert II, he recalled the news agency AFP: lle.

At no point did Albert II want to admit that his daughter was his. Eventually, Boêl got tired of his father’s lying and sued him in 2013.

But only a court order in May last year, caused the king to slap his ears. Albert II was then ordered to pay € 5,000 for each day it would take to wait for his DNA sample.

Their results were published in January this year: Delphine Boël was indeed the daughter of King Albert II.

– It really changed my life. For the first time, I was taken seriously, and I was listened to. I gave hope to everyone who was still looking for their own identity, he continued.

Even after that, Boëlin still had to go to court to get alongside his three already royal siblings. Thursday’s decision also guaranteed Boël two children, aged 16 Joséphinelle and 12-year-olds Oscarille, princess and prince values.