Many accused the Spanish selection not to excite, and reason was not lacking. The goal was slow to arrive, the pressure was diluted at times, the defense was watering … In this concentration, the last of 2020, there has been a carousel of sensations that have finished high, like the good stages of the Tour.

Those chosen by Luis Enrique They have made up for the criticism on a good basis. A historic 6-0 to Germany, to the all-powerful ‘Mannschaft’, has brought back those who doubted this team and its coach, about which there was already a certain ‘run-run’.

The project that Spain will present at the UEFA Nations League and in the Euro Cup next year (if they are disputed, pandemic through) it will not differ much in their names with respect to what was seen in these last concentrations, and you can already intuit master lines in the line-up of footballers that, however, still they have not just settled in the collective mind of the country.

Of all those names, there are five that come out of the Cartuja very strengthened:

Luis Enrique

The coach had to see how he was doubted until moments before the start of the game in Germany. The background noise that this was a team that was not exciting began to focus on him, but his commitment to an evolution towards players more to his liking has culminated in a memorable win, possibly his best work in front of Spain. “I said I was optimistic, that my team put me on and that it was not a pose”, claimed.

Ferran Torres

In Valencianism they pull their hair out even when they see how one of their great diamonds does not play in their ranks. The footballer of Manchester City dressed as a hero against Germany and Neuer will have nightmares about him. But beyond the three goals, he played, he associated with his teammates and showed why he is considered one of the most reliable realities of the Spanish team.

Unai Simon

The alternative that Luis Enrique has given to Unai Simon We didn’t see anyone coming, except the coach himself. The Athletic goalkeeper passed on the right to De Gea and Kepa, more than questioned, and in three games played he has not made any major mistakes. Will it be under sticks again in March? It will depend on your state at that time, but if it depends on these encounters, it is clear that it is.


The control, the pause and the rhythm of Spain is already the work of Koke. Jorge Resurrection (never a more appropriate surname for a team that was doubted) has given a football ‘masterclass’ in recent matches, and with Germany he won all the duels. After being a clamorous absence in Luis Enrique’s lists, he has responded to the challenge with solvency and play. The captaincy, in the absence of Ramos if necessary, can also assume it with ample solvency.


It is not by chance that he is living a sweet moment in the national team, because with the Juventus Morata was seen smiling. In a Spain in need of a goal, although he is still not the ‘killer’ that is asked of him, the Madrid striker has established himself as the benchmark in attack. If he maintains this level of play (and refines his starts a little more so as not to fall offside), he will be key in the next challenges of the national team.