In 2020, the competition jury is composed of Stere Gulea (last year’s Grand Prix winner), Florin Mihăilescu, Marilena Ilieşiu, Irina Nistor and Dorel Vişan. Although they had more time to watch and debate the films entered in the competition, they had a difficult task, last year being a year that brought on screen outstanding productions and surprising debuts.

Supporting and promoting Romanian filmmakers is the main objective of UCIN, the Union supporting the participation of UCIN members in international film organizations, film festivals, conferences, working meetings, other important events in the country or abroad. That’s why this year’s edition is all the more important: the film industry around the world is hard to try. All the filmmakers were forced by the global health crisis to restrict their activity, and in Romania, where cinema is struggling with underfunding and lack of resources, it was even harder.

“UCIN supports training and professional development programs in the country and abroad, initiates actions to protect and perpetuate the memory of personalities who have made an important contribution to the development and affirmation of national and international cinema. The young generation is welcomed and welcomed with open arms in the Union. that the future of cinema depends on it and the greatest achievement of a teacher is to be surpassed by his students “, said President Laurenţiu Damian.

The Romanian Filmmakers Association was born in 1963, at the initiative of legendary filmmakers such as Victor Iliu, Ion Popescu Gopo, Mihnea Gheorghiu, Liviu Ciulei, Paul Călinescu and Mircea Drăgan. In 1990, the Association became the Union of Romanian Filmmakers, and in 1972, the Union began awarding annual prizes at the UCIN Gala, rewarding the cinematographic performances of the previous year.

This year’s nominations are:

1. Grand Prize and Trophy of the Union of Filmmakers

La Gomera, directed by Corneliu Porumboiu
The Cardinal, directed by Nicolae Mărgineanu
Marona’s Fantastic Journey, directed by Anca Damian

2. Special Jury Prize

Marona’s Fantastic Journey, directed by Anca Damian
Between Chin and Amin, directed by Toma Enache
Maria, Queen of Romania, directed by Alexis Sweet Cahill

3. “Lucian Pintilie” Directing Award

Tudor Giurgiu, for the film Parking
Marius Olteanu, for the film Monsters
Cătălin Mitulescu, for the film Heidi

4. Award for screenplay

Bogdan Toma, Liviu Săndulescu for the film Cărturan
Elena Enache, Toma Enache, Eugen Cojocariu for the film Between Chin and Amin
Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari, Tudor Giurgiu for the film Parking
Brigitte Drodtloff, Marie-Denise Theodoru for the film Maria, Queen of Romania

5. Image award

Gabriel Kosuth for the image of the films Cardinal and Mary, Queen of Romania
Marius Panduru for the image of the movie Parking
Tudor Mircea for the image of the film La Gomera

6. Prize for costumes

Ana Ioneci, Claudia Bunea for the film Maria, Queen of Romania
Luminiţa Mihai for the film Cardinalul
Cherry Cuciuc for the movie Heidi

7. Award for decoration

Nora Dumitrescu, Laura Russu for the film Maria, Queen of Romania
Sonia Nolla for the movie Parking
Dumitru Nicodim for the film Cardinal

8. Award for female performance

Judith State for the role of Dana in the movie Monsters
Dana Rogoz, for the role of Mo in the movie Mo
Roxana Lupu for the role of Queen Maria in the film Maria, Queen of Romania

9. Prize for male performance

Constantin Cotimanis for the role of Plague in the film Between torment and Amen
Radu Botar for the role of Bishop Iuliu Hossu in the film Cardinal
Mihai Smarandache for the role of Adrian in the film Parking

10. Secondary role female performance award

Julieta Szonyi for the role of Mother in the film La Gomera
Mădălina Craiu for the role of Vera in the film Mo
Coca Bloos for the role of Mama Tia in the movie Zavera

11. Award for male performance supporting role

Richard Bovnoczki for the role of Enache Viziran in the film The Cardinal
Anghel Damian for the role of Prince Carol in the film Maria, Queen of Romania
Bogdan Dumitrache for the role of Chirvasiu in the movie Heidi

12. Prize for editing

Nita Chivulescu for the film The Cardinal
Roxana Szel for the film La Gomera
Ruxandra Mihai for the film Between Chin and Amin

13. Prize for the soundtrack

Andre Rigaut, Niklas Skarp, Christian Holm for the film La Gomera
Lukas Moudry and Diana Sagrista for the movie Parking
Ioan Filip and Dan Ştefan Rucăreanu for the film Monsters
Cristinel Sirli for the film Maria, Queen of Romania

14. The prize for original music “Adrian Enescu”

Pablo Pico for Marona’s Fantastic Journey
Cornel Ţăranu for the film Cardinalul
Cristian Lolea for the movie Zavera

15.Prize for fiction short film

Celed, directed by Anghel Damian
Havana, Cuba, directed by Andrei Huţuleac
Afghanistan, directed by Adrian Silişteanu

16. The award for feature film documentary

Timebox, directed by Nora Agapi
The diary of the –escu family, directed by Şerban Georgescu
The distance between me and me, directed by Mona Nicoară and Dana Bunescu

17. Award for short documentary film

Creative, directed by Ioana Grigore
The last priest, directed by Alma Buhagiar
He loves my eyes, directed by Enxhi Rista

18. Award for animated film

Marona’s Fantastic Journey, directed by Anca Damian
Opinci, regia Anton & Damian Groves
What the hell should I write about ?, directed by Matei Monoranu

19. Television Award

1989-December Red, directed by Răzvan Butaru and Cornel Mihalache
Queen Mother Elena, Queen of the 4 exiles, directed by Camelia Csiki
Arsenie Boca – Truth, Myth, Mystification, directed by Cristina Andrei

20. “Alexandru Tatos” First Opera Award

MO, directed by Radu Dragomir
Monsters, directed by Marius Olteanu
Cărturan, directed by Liviu Săndulescu

21. Makeup Award

Nastasia Mateiu, Clara Tudose for the film Maria, Queen of Romania
Florina Mărcuţă for the film Between Chin and Amin
Ticulina Truica for the movie Cardinal

22. Cinematographic Hopes Award

Hippopotamus Hunt, directed by Germain Kanda
The last priest, directed by Alma Buhagiar
Contraindications directed by Lucia Chicos