The 35 youth players that Marcelo Gallardo made debut in the First River

El Muñeco took office in June 2014 and the average shows that the coach rises to six kids from the Inferiores per year.

“Santi, play calm. If you lose it, nothing happens. Go ahead”. Those were the words of Marcelo Gallardo for Santiago Simón, the 18-year-old youth who made his debut this Friday night against Banfield. The right-wing midfielder born in 2002 in José C. Paz entered the second half for Cristian Ferreira in the 26th minute and had interesting contributions, playing with ease and stepping on the area with conviction. And so, Simón became the 35th footballer out of the Inferiores to make his debut Doll in the First River.

“Because of what the pandemic left behind and because of the situation in the country, we are at a time when coaches must give great importance to youth. I like that the boys can grow, that they can have a few minutes and that they are prepared for when it is their turn. Sometimes it is not easy, but today we are betting on them and they are responding well ”, explained the coach days ago.

Gallardo took office in June 2014 and the average shows that the coach makes their debut to 6 juniors per year. A very important statistic: 12 defenders and 12 midfielders made their debut, as well as 2 goalkeepers and 9 forwards.

Lucas Boyé (he started in Elche against Levante), Guido Rodriguez (in Betis and highly regarded by Lionel Scaloni) and Emanuel Mammana (on loan in Sochi, Russia, although his pass belongs to Zenit) they were the first. Of the three, the one that had the most participation was Mammana, who completed 35 games and scored 2 goals before moving to Lyon, France, in exchange for 7,500,000 euros. The defender started the first leg of the 2014 Copa Sudamericana against Atlético Nacional, in Colombia, and played both duels against Boca in the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2015.

Leandro Vega, Franco López, Abel Casquete, Pablo Carreras, Claudio Salto, Exequiel Palacios, Luis Olivera and Lautaro Arellano were the boys who debuted in 2015. Without a doubt the most prominent is Palacios, Bayer Leverkusen midfielder and fundamental piece in the Argentine National Team. Vega, meanwhile, has played for Emelec de Ecuador since mid-2018.

Augusto Batalla, Gonzalo Montiel, Tomás Andrade, Lucas Martínez Quarta and Matías Moya were the ones who debuted in 2016. The Chino played 104 games and scored 6 goals, while Slap add 107 with one goal. The two were starters in the matches of the Argentine National Team against Paraguay and Peru, for the South American Qualifiers.

In 2017, Gallardo sent Zacarías Morán Correa, Maximiliano Velazco, Santiago Vera, Alan Picazzo, Kevin Sibille to the field for the first time (he was released and is currently at Valencia Mestalla, a subsidiary in the Second Division B of Spain), Augusto Aguirre, Nahuel Gallardo (on loan to Defense and Justice) and Cristian Ferreira (the only one who remains on campus).

Santiago Sosa, Julián Álvarez, Lucas Beltrán today are important for DT and debuted in 2018. He also did Héctor Martínez, undisputed head of Defense and Justice.

In 2019 Federico Girotti debuted, Hernán López Maradona (Diego’s great-nephew already debuted in First), Benjamín Rollheiser and Elías López, while in this atypical year Franco Paredes, Enzo Fernández (both on loan to Defense and Justice) and the aforementioned Santiago Simón did.

It is perceived: for Gallardo the youth are important and he is committed to them. For a sample it is worth remembering when he made Julián Alvarez enter the final against Boca in Madrid. At that time, the forward only had 4 games in First.




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