The $ 25,000 Tesla car that could bury everything Europeans have done so far

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Tesla is about to revolutionize the automotive industry once again and take the field to another level. If his plans work out, then Musk is preparing to come up with an electric model that will cost only $ 25,000. This could upset the plans of many European builders.

Tesla has set the tone for electric cars and has attracted all the world’s leading manufacturers in this direction. Now, the American company led by Elon Musk is about to take another huge step: a battery that will significantly reduce the costs of electric models. It won’t happen overnight, of course.

But Musk insists that this model will be ready in 3 years, will cost only $ 25,000 and will be completely autonomous.

“It’s always been our dream to make electric cars at low prices,” said Elon Musk.

The $ 25,000 Tesla car that could revolutionize everything

As I said, a cheap and affordable electric car actually means a cheap battery. And that’s exactly what Tesla is working on. Not only does it want to eliminate cobalt, but it also wants to provide five times more energy, six times more power and 16% more autonomy. Summary: a revolutionary system that would even allow the integration of batteries in the car body, thus reducing the weight of the batteries.

A car that costs $ 25,000 would be much cheaper than the cheapest Tesla model, namely the Tesla Model 3 – which costs somewhere at $ 35,000. But there is one more thing to watch out for: if the Tesla plan is implemented, then it could bury what the European car industry has done so far.

No European manufacturer has, in many ways, Tesla technology, and the prices of the models that really matter are very high today. Cheap and extremely good is the winning combination that no European producer seems to have hit so far.

All the while, Elon Musk has extremely ambitious plans. Tesla will “probably” produce 20 million electric cars a year by 2030, he said. That is more than 50 times more than the 365,000 vehicles built in 2019, of which about a third only at the end of the year.


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