The 2021 iPad Pro will use mini-LEDs paving the way to OLED

Rumors about the adoption of mini-LED technology in devices Apple It is not a new rumor and it is estimated that a new iPad Pro will arrive with such screen technology in early 2021.

However, a new report from a Korean media ensures that while Apple will adopt mini-LEDs for a new iPad Pro that will arrive in the first quarter of 2021, the adoption of the technology will pave the way to another: OLED screens.

The report ensures that after the launch of the iPad Pro model with mini-LED technology, Apple will adopt OLED screens for the iPad Pro that arrive in the second half of next year.

The suppliers chosen for these panels would be Samsung and LG, companies that would already be developing the OLED panels that the future iPad Pro will use.

The rumor about the mini-LED suggested that the new iPad Pro would arrive in March with a 12.9-inch mini-LED screen, while the rest of the line would continue to use LCD panels. This new rumor, however, suggests that these technologies could become more widely available in the rest of the devices in the lineup when Apple adopts OLED displays.

Both OLED and mini-LED panels have superior advantages when compared to LCD panels, including higher contrast, higher brightness, higher energy efficiency, among others.

Apple has already adopted OLED panels for the latest iPhones and the Apple Watch, and mini-LED technology could even make its way to its MacBook notebook line – possibly depending on whether its suppliers can meet projected supplies.

Source: Tea lec


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