The 20 most outstanding phrases of the last presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the United States

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Health policies and accusations of corruption were the moments of greatest tension between the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden starred in the second and last debate leading up to the presidential elections in the United States, which will take place on November 3. The Republican and Democratic candidates staged strong crossovers with Chicanas and ironies related to health policies amid the coronavirus pandemic and also accusations of corruption.

Between the topics addressed, with the moderation of Kristen Welker -NBC’s White House correspondent- found: the fight against Covid-19, American families, race in the United States, climate change, national security and the leadership.

Trump was much better and more presidential than the previous debate, while Biden – leading the polls – did not make mistakes, he was correct and sure.

Here are the most outstanding phrases:

Trump: “People are improving, it is a global problem but many have congratulated me for what we have done with regard to glasses, masks, now we are making respirators. We’re already with it, it’s going to go“.​

Biden: “Trump is responsible for not taking control, no one should continue like this as president of the United States with 70 thousand new cases per day. The president does not have a comprehensive plan. I’ll make sure everyone is urged to wear a mask. “

Trump: “They’re closing down so much and they’re dying. We will not close, we have to open schools, my son tested positive and was cured. I want to open schools and the country – (Biden) wants to close the country. “

Biden: “I’m going to shut down the virus, not the country, he is inept and people have lost their way of life. We have to open but there must be budget, resources and make sure we open safely. “

Biden: “Russia, China and Iran are playing with US sovereignty. There are foreign countries trying to influence the elections. I don’t know why Trump is not taking on Putin. All the countries that are intervening are going to pay for it. “

Trump: “No one has been stronger against Russia than Donald Trump. They have had me a witch hunt, no president should go through what I went through. They checked my taxes and found nothing “-

Biden: “I have not taken a penny. Trump paid 50 times more, he has business in China. I have not taken money. (Trump) huddles with thugs, turns his back on allies. We need our friends. Trump legitimized North Korea, now they can reach US territory. We want to control so that they never attack us. “

Trump: “We have good relationship with North Korea, we don’t have any war. “

Trump: “Obamacare is not good. What we would like to do is finish it. I’d like to have a beautiful medical program, health insurance that protects pre-existing ones, and Biden wants to end that. We have an amazing job in health insurance and we want to make it even better. “

Biden: “Approve Obamacare as a public option. I support private insurance, no one is going to lose it, unless they want to go to another plan. We will protect pre-existing ones. It has already cost Trump dearly because of the mishandling of Covid and he wants to remove it. the benefit to 22 million people. “

Trump: “We want to bring children together, but children do not know if they come with cartels or criminals“.

Biden: “It is parents who brought children, and separated them, we are the laughing stock of how we separate families. The children were taken from their parents and now they cannot be found, they have nowhere to go, it is criminal. “


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