The 18-year-old boy beats his 15-year-old lover to death with a wrench tool who threatened to reveal their marriage

A 19-year-old teenager is usually on trial in the UK after beat her boyfriend to death, in those days of 15, with a wrench into the death in the town of Ashley, very close to Manchester airport throughout the uk.

The suspect, an apprentice auto technician, then 18 years old, allegedly had paid the victim a total of two,000 pounds (about 2,two hundred euros) not to reveal their relationship, according to the Daily Mail. The patient, of school age, would have threatened for you to report him to the Police in the event payments stopped, always according to the aforesaid publication.

The night of the transgression, the aggressor led the patient to a distant wooded area while using promise of having sexual relations and even inflicted up to 15 strokes which has a wrench large. The Police located your body the next morning, at the end of December this past year, with brutal signs of violence.

“Alex [la víctima] he had no chance. The life ended in that forest, “said the prosecutor.



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