– I was in the right place, laughs at the great promise of the Finnish puck Brad Lambert.

Father-Ross has thrown him into the port by car, and the places in Jyväskylä are not very familiar to a 16-year-old who has lived in the city until the summer.

– It’s nice when my parents moved in too, so I don’t have to live alone yet, Lambert says and says that the family found a terraced house behind Laajavuori.

Brad Lambert and his family have had time to quarrel with the word exchanges – and not everything has always been completely truthful.

– As I have learned that to keep focus on their story, and does not keep to wanting more of what other people say, when it is not always true at all, Lambert acknowledged.

– We also have to get used to the media. When I hope to get behind the crap someday, there will definitely be media in the bundle. There was also a lot of writing around HIFK, which was a good thing. It didn’t affect me.

Two years in the NHL?

Brad Lambert’s address had time to change within a year from Lahti via Helsinki to Jyväskylä, where the intention is to play two seasons.

When a player’s goals are on the pin, it is certain that choices are driven solely and exclusively by development. Everything else is secondary.

– After the summer of 2022, I want to be ready to take a place in the NHL, Lambert says.

He states his hard goals in a casual style, as if in passing. The Pelicans breeder’s speech exudes humility, even serenity, that makes him forget his age.

In a particularly respectful tone, Lambert talks about his most experienced teammates at JYP. Especially the names Jarkko Immonen, 38, and Jani Tuppurainen, 40, recurring frequently.

– They do even small things on and off the ice accurately. For example, they go on a bike right after a workout. From everything, notice how they focus and want to be the leading players.

Lambert scored four league games at HIFK last season, where he served two assists. In practice games at JYP, Lambert has played a big role next to Immonen and Tuppurainen, so responsibility is probably coming.

– I am pleased with this spring period, if you have not been able breikkaamaan League. There have always been my strengths in the offensive game, but I also want to be responsible in my own end so that the coach can trust me, says Lambert, who is doing distance learning in the second grade of high school.

You will learn from the video the backbone

Brad Lambert learned to skate at the age of 2 and now 14 years later his skating is at an exceptional level: speed, explosiveness and skill are eye-catching. Skating, like holistic gaming, can still be developed through better physics.

– Because of the corona, we have a smaller ice rink gym in use, because the A-juniors train at Monnar and can’t be in the same premises, Lambert says.

The young striker brings to the JYP the assistant coach of the Swiss main league team SC Bern Jukka Varmanen.

– I watch a lot of videos with him. I learned a lot from there. The video shows situations differently than on the ground. If in the next game you come across a situation watched from a video, it will be immediately remembered. Then working in it comes from the backbone.