Nintendo still on a streak of behaving with iron hand when you consider that the rights of your IPs are being violated.

To the entire selection of events that go on in 2020 now adds the blocking from YouTube of pieces that make up a few of its soundtracks most emblematic.

GilvaSunner was the one who reported this situation plus realized that the soundtracks involving Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Con Mario Kart Wii they was removed from the platform.

The problem for a lot of video game music enthusiasts is that this was your only way such soundtracks might be heard, and now that you have locked these people Nintendo did not propose any various route to hear them.

It should be clarified that the company is within every position to act if it thinks that its intellectual property is it being used for its own benefit without certification, but it is also true that it has become taking measures that many think of exaggerated, such as canceling a event Super Smash Bros. as well as blocking a campaign to develop Joy-Cons whose proceeds would have been useful for public charity.

In response to the organization for blocking the soundtracks of games, Twitter users took the tweet from 2019 in which will Nintendo UK asked what was this franchise’s favorite piece of music The Legend of Zelda, and they included a montage where it is shown that this respective videos have been withdrawn from YouTube.

The legal activities undertaken by Nintendo They make the community question its role to be a company in theory friendly and concerned using entertainment for the whole family.

Now just remains to wait what the new steps of the Big N will be to prohibit or cancel an initiative that inside opinion compromises the rights there are over its intellectual properties.