“That the president allows us to open the theaters”, the claim of Luis Brandoni

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The actor and political leader joined the mobilization of artists and theater workers, who cut Corrientes Avenue to ask for the opening.

Although in the City of Buenos Aires isolation turned into distancing and almost all economic activity is already in operation, cinemas and theaters They still cannot reopen due to care for the coronavirus pandemic. In that context, Artists and workers cut Corrientes Avenue this Monday asking for the reopening.

“That the theaters open, that they allow us to open. It is a direct request to the President, who has just said that the theaters and cinemas will not,” claimed Luis Brandoni, present at the protest in front of the Broadway Theater.

The actor and political leader, a regular at the opposition marches, remarked that the City authorities, the business community, and the artists did “what they could to condition the theaters so that they could comply with the protocols,” but that despite that the authorization does not reach.

“There is a group of theatrical businessmen in Government House and it is likely that as we are demonstrating in the streets, the Government stick with your habit of backing down after making a decision, then it is probable that we have theater “, criticized who was a national deputy for the UCR.

The claim of artists and theater workers is carried out this Monday on Corrientes Avenue, at the height of Libertad Street. There a stage was set up, to which several of the artists climbed.

Flavio Mendoza, who was in charge of reshaping the Broadway theater according to the protocol set up for the reopening, took the floor and remarked that the activity “was the first to stop” and that “for 8 months” they remain the same “without working and being able to carry a salary home “.

“When I talk about our activity I mean theaters, circuses, amusement parks, event rooms and any cultural space. We understand that due to our activity we had to guard ourselves to take care of ourselves. But what we ask is very simple, we all need to work, the City is open, everyone is working. Art is essential “, claimed the producer and choreographer.

And he left a message to Alberto Fernández: “I hope there is empathy, that the president sees this. There are going to be several actions like this, which is a visibility, we are going to do them throughout the week until we can work, we have to be all united in this. “

On stage, along with Flavio, several other artists came up, as well as show workers, among whom were Laura Fidalgo, Adriana Salgueiro, Pepe Cibrian, Beto César, Raúl Lavié, Carmen Barbieri and Roberto Piazza.

“We have all the protocol, Flavio was the first, he has spent fortunes to prepare the theater. A room of 1,500 spectators remained at 390. We see that there are planes that are full, there are full subways. That is why we do not understand why we who have the protocol still approved, “he claimed Georgina Barbarossa, actress and host, in dialogue with TN.

And he asked that the authorities “open their heads” and that they must “hurry up and realize that this is already there”, referring to the opening of different activities in the midst of the pandemic.



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