“That means the end of Laura Müller’s career”

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Michael Wendler makes headlines with his DSDS exit and confused statements about the corona policy of the federal government. Wendler manager Markus Krampe believes that this will have consequences for Laura Müller.

Professionally, Laura Müller ran around last year: a documentary with Michael Wendler, 48, on TVNOW, participation in the RTL show “Let’s Dance”, sidekick in the new season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and lucrative advertising deals boosted it Awareness and wealth of the 20-year-olds. That could be over now.

Is Laura Müller losing her advertising deals?

In the RTL program “Pocher – Dangerously Honest”, Markus Krampe, the couple’s manager, answers questions about the Wendler scandal. When asked by the Pochers about Laura’s future, he says: “On the way here I have already received a few company emails that have worked with her and are distancing themselves. She is always associated with Michael Wendler and I believe , that also means the end of Laura Müller’s career. ” The influencer misjudged the scope of the video. “She is not aware of the matter. She asked me why the Kaufland spot was deleted,” reports Krampe, referring to an advertising clip for the Kaufland food company with the Wendlers as actors. He was withdrawn from the company that evening. RTL also clearly distances itself from the hit star.

There could still be hope for Laura Müller

Media attorney Christian Solmecke, who is also a guest at “Pocher – Dangerously Honest”, sees the future of the “No matter” singer as gloomy: “He has a contract. That can ruin him financially if RTL claims everything now.” Together with the withdrawn advertising deal from Kaufland, “damage worth millions” could result. And Laura? There is hope for their image, says Solmecke. “It also depends on how she will position herself in the next few days. I see it a little differently with her than with him.”

Does Laura Müller also believe in conspiracy theories?

Whether Laura shares her husband’s conspiracy views – unclear. So far she has not expressed herself in public in this way. Markus Krampe said: “Laura is with him day and night and she listens to everything. Michael Wendler has a very engaging nature.” He adds, “I don’t think Laura does that much [von den Verschwörungstheorien] shares like him. “Schlager star Wendler caused disbelief and horror with his statement on Thursday evening (October 8th). He literally said:” I am throwing gross and serious violations against the federal government regarding the alleged corona pandemic and the resulting measures the constitution and the Basic Law. “

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