That is what you are able to do in opposition to hay fever

Each week we ask a well being query to a medical skilled. This week: I undergo from hay fever. Is there something that may be executed about that? Normal practitioner Katrien Van Wijnendaele: “The less tablets, the higher.”

What precisely is hay fever?

“Hay fever is a hypersensitivity to pollen or pollen from vegetation, grasses or timber. They trigger complaints particularly in the course of the flowering interval. Normally you’re allergic to quite a lot of species, not all species. Round this time it’s primarily the grasses that trigger complaints. “

“Individuals who have an allergic response to timber have suffered loads round March and April. On account of world warming, the season is shifting a bit. At the moment, individuals undergo sooner than previously.”

Is it harmful? Can it damage?

“Generally, hay fever may be very annoying, however not harmful. Why it’s known as hay fever, I don’t know. It has nothing to do with fever.”

“Colds last as long as ten days. If it takes longer, there’s a good probability it’s hay fever.”

What complaints do you get?

“The commonest complaints are sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, a stuffy nostril and generally stuffiness. They come up as a result of the physique sees the pollen that enters via the nostril, eyes or mouth as a hostile substance. By making the mucous membranes swell and To make extra mucus, snot, tears and sneezes happen, with which the physique tries to eliminate the hostile substance.”

How are you aware the distinction with a chilly?

“Firstly, hay fever typically lasts longer. Colds last as long as ten days. If it lasts longer, there’s a good probability that it’s hay fever. Second, hay fever is seasonal. It doesn’t happen in winter.”

Is there something that may be executed?

“There are anti-allergy nasal sprays, eye drops and antihistamine tablets. They’re out there on the drugstore, however I’d advise you to go to the physician first. Generally you are able to do simply high-quality with only a nasal spray or solely eye drops and tablets are usually not crucial. medication can have negative effects like drowsiness, so the less tablets, the higher.”

“Do not go exterior when somebody is mowing the garden and put on sun shades”

Katrien van Wijnendaele, normal practitioner

Are you able to forestall hay fever?

“You can not forestall the event of an allergy. You may restrict the complaints by preserving the home windows closed on days with loads of solar and wind. Don’t go exterior when somebody is mowing the grass and put on sun shades. Discover out What sort of grass or tree it’s and keep away from it as a lot as attainable. Do not rub your eyes both. That usually aggravates the complaints.”

Is it attainable to eliminate hay fever?

“Should you undergo from loads of complaints, for instance if you happen to can not perform usually, your GP can refer you to an allergist. It does depend upon which grasses or timber are inflicting your complaints, however in some instances you’ll be able to go to hospital. bear a course of desensitization, additionally known as immunotherapy.”

“As well as, you obtain the allergen in a small quantity that’s always elevated. Because of the repeated publicity you step by step get used to the substance and also you turn into immune. It is just used for very severe complaints, as a result of it’s a very intensive remedy that additionally takes a very long time. takes.”



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