Giannis Antetokounmpo, who was drafted in Milwaukee in 2013, in the 15th position, while playing in Greek D2, reached the stars by becoming the NBA champion and MVP for the Finals on Tuesday. . The 26-year-old Greek sent a powerful message of self-sacrifice by accepting his trophies. “It means everything to me. Milwaukee is a city that believed in me. (…) Believe in your dreams. It doesn’t matter how your feelings are, whether you’re feeling low, frustrated, or if things aren’t going your way, it doesn’t matter.It doesn’t have to be basketball. Keep working and believe in the work you do. Do not let anyone tell your what you cannot do or who you shouldn’t be.

Budenholzer: It’s difficult to find words to describe Giannis’ work”

Mike Budenholzer, his coach, commented on the performance by his star, who was able to score a 17-out of-19 in free throws while being surrounded by Suns fans during the exercise. “It’s difficult to find more words that describe what Giannis does. But the way he put his free throws, the way he did it all, stepped up, the balance, the confidence, the leadership… He worked on it.Giannis should be able to make free throws. We believed that he was capable. It was something we talked about last summer. It is important to remember that you must make free throws in order to win a championship..pepsia

Paul: I am not retiring

For the Suns, Chris Paul is disappointed to not win his first NBA title. The 36-year old leader is not content to rest there. “It just means we have to go back to work. We return to work. Nothing more.There are no moral victories. We all saw what was needed to get there. I am glad we did.Although it will take some time to get used to, the mindset remains the same: return to work. If you ask me, I’m not retiring. It’s not included. Let’s get to work. It remains to see if he will be returning to work in the Suns’ jersey. The former Clippers player has to decide this summer whether he activates the $ 44 million clause to play in Phoenix next season or if his rights are reverted to him as a free agent.